5v power supply

I Want to buy a grid , arc , two ansible and a teletype, what do I need for 5v power supply ? Two ext 5v ? One for grid and one for arc ? Can I use them at the same Time ?

Also : what power supply should I use in France ?

all modules draw from the 12v rail. use https://www.modulargrid.net/ to calculate your power usage.

you don’t need ext5v unless you need to offload power from your modular’s power supply.

ansibles will draw up to 200ma with grid/arc attached, and very little without the grid/arc attached.

Ok so this means I CAN use monome module with grid and arc without ext5v?

yes-- i’m curious where you got the idea that the ext5v was required?

To power up the grid ? So what is the utility of ext5v and Switch ?

I was mistaken as well
before trying any trilogy modules myself all I could vaguely recall were the issues folks had with power

I forgot that my choice of supply (4ms row40) was influenced by the discussions. Needless paranoia on my part

iirc, ext5v came about same time as the 1st module(white whale) thats supposed to take some load off the modular supply instead of having grid drawing power from it directly

Switch came about later with the 2nd or 3rd module(meadowphysics, earthsea) as a mean to have 2 modules sharing 1 grid (powered externally and switching of modules function)

So: early Monome modules (“trilogy” - WW, ES, MP) had a relatively high 5V draw, and not all Eurorack PSUs provided enough (any) 5V. ext5V was a way of not straining your Euro PSU, or providing meaty 5V if you didn’t have any spare.

Switch is a set of connections that make it easy to pass that 5V through to your grid, and also to easily swap one grid between two modules. Nothing more than that.

Ansible doesn’t require any 5V - this is on http://monome.org/docs/modular/ansible/ . (It generates its 5V from the 12V rails). Similarly, neither does Teletype, as http://monome.org/docs/modular/teletype/ states.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

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Thanks, this is pretty clear.

As someone who has blown a eurorack supply due to the 5V load from the grid (my bad for not reading the specs and thinking it through), I can attest that it’s well worth checking the specs for your busboard. You may be fine, you may not. But it’s worth checking.


My case is a doepfer 9u, and is it possible to use grid and arc together ? Like grid on the first ansible and arc on the second one ?

Possibly. The best way to check is to compare the busboard rating with the combined load of all the modules in the case. modulargrid is your friend in this regard.

Another question : how to connect midi devices to ansible ? Any examples ?