5V (?) trouble / heavy buzzing

dear all,
i’ve been struggling with this for quite a while and it appears to be back! heavy buzzing and humming on the ER-301 and my monome teletype.

i thought i had it solved for the grid by powering it externally (which i currently am) – but i must have mistaken. the preamps are quite cranked up in the video, but even without there’s audible noise.

i’m pretty clueless when it comes to power-issues. running my rack off a trogotronic m15. any idea what i could do to pin the problem down? it’s obviously only the mentioned modules and it definitely relates to how many LEDs / display activity is going on.

thanks! :frowning:

ps: posting this in a thread on the OD forum, too…

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@tehn – you have any idea what the problem could be? i have no explanation… as i said, i am already powering the grid externally :frowning:

some things to try:

  • does the noise happen when all cables are unplugged from the ER-301 and Teletype?
  • does the noise happen with just the ER-301 and Teletype in the case (add a mixer or VCA and take the output of that module to the monitors without any cable plugged in and see if you hear noise)

Did you assemble the case yourself, how’s the wiring of the PSU/busboards done? And in general how’s the whole thing wired up? Did you daisy chain the busboards, does it all connect to one brick? Does the external mixer and the modular case connect to the same power outlet?