64GS startup animation stopped working

no led will come on at any point.

it still registers with most max patches just no led feedback.

wondering what could be the issue as no changes to os in a very long time.

has anyone had this issue? any fix possible? could and led driver die after a while or something on that level?

hmm – versions of this have happened when something else is hanging on to the osc port. sometimes a TouchOSC server can interrupt serialosc comms. if you’ve restarted and have no other osc programs running, have you tried a different device / computer? and a different cable?

what about something outside of max, like mark eats?

please email help@monome.org if there’s still trouble :slight_smile:

tydd! i tried other computer and cables and same issues. seems to register device but no startup led animation and no lights ever.

emailed homebasehomeskilletz as directed.