7 O 1 L 5 - a digital collage

linking my digitakt and waldorf m to create “safunc” was the impetus to create and release this collection so its kinda the centerpoint of things

the album represents many first’s which might be mundane to others but are exciting to me…and the songs answered tech questions about my personal limits and abilities

here are a few that come to mind:

  • can i sequence M w/ op1 keys via usb port? no, not yet at least BUT after driving myself mad attempting to do so, i was more committed than before to learn digitakt midi powers and employ them to make a tune quickly
  • will my mixpre10 serve well as a freeform notebook for making an album? this remains unresolved but surprisingly enough, with my current knowledge and mostly default settings, i feel like the mixpre is too crisp and i spent more time in post postproduction trying to counter the neutral/clean takes of “mbofu” & “safunc” . i eventually leaned on the audio for the latter which was recorded via tx6 instead of the ostensibly superior mixpre recording…with time and a different set of tools i’m sure i’ll be able to get better stuff out the recorder
  • can i use wing pinger resonator (m4l device) to kill my gas for a wingie 2? yes, for now it seems possible…it features more prominently on a track i made this month for the next installment of concentrics but here, wpr m4l was used subtly while mixing “intradek
  • do prosody m4l devices still work on M1 macs? i thought i’d lost access to this essential package…somehow back in august or september they failed to work any longer on my new laptop . “lokma” exists because i was attempting to use alternatives for asynchronous looping within the daw . “baroš” exists because i figured out how to load 2 versions of ableton (one using rosetta) and felt like celebrating the return of my most trusty production tools

there is other stuff worth discussing so please listen and let me know if you have questions or feedback about the pieces comprising 7O1L5