7 TTSH Studies

I’ve shared these in a few other subs as I posted them, but I think this is ready to tie up and call a release. The aim of these studies is to reveal the process of a relatively experienced synthesist learning a new instrument in real time. I spent the last ~2 years in eurorack and reached a point where my synthesizer was parsimonious and complete, then decided to buy a TTSH to deepen my practice by learning a mature instrument with a well appreciated workflow. These recordings are my first 7 sessions with the TTSH, live and unedited.

I control the TTSH using a 62hp Palette containing Ansible, Maths, Ripples, 4 VCAs, and Pamela’s New Workout. These could just as well be called Kria studies because all of the sequencing is performed with Kria, and much of the work I documented involves my process of re-learning Kria and exploring its capabilities alongside the TTSH.

I could continue posting these every day, but I think 7 is a complete number and these adequately communicate my perspective as a learner while exploring the sonic potential of the instrument within the context of my existing work.

Any feedback appreciated!