8-bit reggae

I was looking at publications of a researcher for my own purposes, and noticed they have made an entire book about 8-bit dub/reggae titled 8-bit Reggae: Collision and Creolization (Editions Volumiques, 2014). This made me think about posting about 8-bit dub here on llllllllines. Any love for it here?

I have sympathy for this niche genre, and I hope to acquire and study this book. I know of Jahtari but haven’s studied their sound. Personally I find the finest, and perhaps the most extreme track to be Quarta 330’s Bleeps From Outer Space on Kode-9’s legendary Hyperdub, 2009.

Here is Soom T + disrupt collabs (on Jahtari), e.g. track (check the PWM solo at 2:27)

In the studio with vocalist Kiki Hitomi (King Midas Sound) MPC-1000, Korg Monotron.

and with SID

For some reason I at some point thought that this is particularly an Edinburgh sound. Of all the places ¯\(ツ)/¯ Any theories why this might be so? Any local knowledge?


I love the aesthetic, but I don’t know a lot about it.
I always liked this although it’s kinda basic / not obscure.


yeah! can’t really add much, but i love reggae and i love chiptunes : ) afaik the big names have already been mentioned.
quarta300 is really great. we bought an old mitsubishi this summer that only has a cd player, so brought out my old cds and blasted a quarta330 cd-r … so chill : )
also, on a similar theme, this vgm reggae/dub mix rules: 8bit & Video Game Dub Reggae MIX by Oke Onkyo … mostly 8bit and 16bit, but some psx songs in there too.


2 mins into your first link and you have won me over.


20 characters of exactly!

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This one always gets me going.


spring is here (in the northern hemisphere): we all want to blast 8-bit reggae in the park. let’s revive this topic.

this track from stu is a real banger, atari st + added drums and synths moving in reggae/hiphop/dubstep land:

classic(?) mellow c64 dub from goto80:

a short but sweet game boy ska tune with live guitars and drums, by cheap dinosaurs:

dubmood’s atari cover of monkey island theme always brings a grin to my face. who knew reggae in 6/4 + 4/4 would work so well?:

another favorite quarta330 track, pure lsdj:


Amiga was (is?) 16 bit of course, but anyway Cannon Fodder (Sensible Software, 1993) theme

First track I ever heard in this genre, been looking for more ever since.


Sort of - I had to add a massive 16-bit soundcard to my Frankenamiga to get that quality out of it - the A1200 and A500 were both 8-bit as far as sound went, with 12-bit being possible by banging the metal in demos and using OctaMED etc.