808 Blockchain Beats (Disquiet Junto Project 0276)


Here’s my attempt:

I programmed a somewhat complex pattern on Patterning, using the 1982 soundpack (808 alike), with advices from Eno’s Oblique Strategies and a little bit of randomness.
I used two instances of Troublemaker AU (303 kind of) midi controlled by four different Patterning’s tracks.
Then I processed the single tracks with different fx in AUM, where I also used a number of mix busses for groups of similar sounds (blocks & chains?) blended with Klevgrand fx apps as Haaze and PressIt and eventually VirSyn AudioReverb.
Finally I “played live” the beat with the AUM faders and mute/unmute.
Chained blocks of sounds together rotating are making the beat, and acid basslines are chained to them too.


Here’s mine: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/a-chain-of-blocks

To make my blockchain, I put together a chain of Reaktor Blocks with a bunch of cross-modulation. (Most of the Blocks were from Michael Hetrick’s Euro Reakt at www.native-instruments.com/en/reaktor-…/show/9093/) And I found a 808 beat at http://freesound.org/people/Snapper4298/sounds/333167/, which I remixed in Geist 2. Then I added sidechain compression with ReaComp.


As I had access to an 808 over the Easter weekend I felt I should make this my first Disquiet Junto submission…

Roland TR-808
SCI Prophet 600
Boss CE-3

Single take TR-808 beat. 8 steps only. BD to one channel, MA, CB, CH & OH to another. Tweaked volumes and decays
My Prophet 600 has been glitching up but I managed to get it working nicely to record a few takes. Passed through a Boss CE-3 chorus pedal.

In trying to wrap my head around the Blockchain concept I wanted the piece to be pretty linear with new information added to the palate but no big changes.


I took a rather simple approach and treated the project image as graphic notation for the 808 beat. The track overall was created in Caustic on iPad. Blocked (Disquiet 0276) by Mike J Dayton on #SoundCloud via #Soundrocket


The inspiration for this track was the project image above, i.e.:

Eight tracks of midi playing into an 808 Drum Rack in Ableton, representing the eight black boxes in the diagram. And three tracks of pitched Snare, Clave and Conga in Ableton Simpler, the purple sub-branches. Some Fracture XT for ambience towards the end of the track.

As each part is introduced, it initially plays ‘the wrong’ midi notes (random transposition by +/- up-to six semitones), then the chance of random transposition is reduced to zero by automation. Basically just automated the Chance dial of the Ableton Random midi device… Wanted to represent mining bitcoins - the computer works hard to generate valid bitcoins by a complex algorithm that involves lots of calculations with big prime numbers involved - the drum hits fall into place as the program closes in on valid bitcoin results.

Hope you enjoy.


Bite coins to check if they are real.

Too many claps again … and this time too many clave hits.

I used the :2 and *2 buttons in abelton a lot. Other than that, it’s just an 808, and operator with the most basic settings (ok and an arp). Some minor balancing of track volumes.


Well, I missed the deadline but anyway. It’s always a good thing to try different approaches.
It was made in Renoise and SuperCollider.


Apologies, screwed up the link to the track, it’s there now.


All good. And it’s in the playlist now. Thanks!


Many interesting tunes for a nice listening,
Good job! :wink: