99 percent invisible Vol 1 (was "Zine soundtrack?")


Hi again,
I hope all of you are fine.
I would really like to hear your thoughts on the zines and the idea behind the upcoming compilation. Have you started experimenting? Do you find the process interesting? Did the zines help you to find inspiration?

Flamingosaurus Rex (http://flamingosaurusrex.com/), a gallery in Edinburgh, contacted me a few weeks ago. The guys from the gallery wanted to know if i am positive to organise an exhibition to their place with artists that have participated in the zine. They stumbled upon the publication and loved it!
The good thing is that they would like to give us their place for two weeks during August which is the month when the international arts festival is held in Edinburgh. (www.edfringe.com) I don’t know if you’ve heard about it.

I was thinking of creating a special event during the exhibition where the compilation/soundtrack will be played from the speakers of the gallery while the visitors read the zine. Let me know what you think.
Do you have any other suggestions - ideas?

I leave you with a few images from the t-shirt that we screen - printed a few days ago. (designed by my father!)

Maybe he could try to design the artwork for the compilation.


My zines are stuck at Singapore at the moment, I guess they will arrive next week. But, the pdf’s are very inspirational! Finished one track already, based on a picture. Working on a second one, based on a short story and today I try to do something based on a drawing. The zines keep me busy.
Great to hear about the exhibition and a very cool t-shirt design!


That’s great news! And that’s also plenty of time for work and for experimenting. @glia would you like to try to work on something together?


That would be nice if in this event every part of the zine would be linked to the track. Like if someone’s watching some drawings that gave ispiration to some music you should notify that. Would be nice a system (don’t know how doable) like everyone has headphones and everytime they approach like drawings on the wall, the related track plays, and when they go to another wall with something else the track crossfade to the other related track. Don’t know if I explained well the thing. Sorry I’m Ihalf talian and half French, the two main countries that speak awful english : )



you’re consistently producing some of the best music on here…i’ll try not to mess you up


Hi hi.mo,
The idea with the headphones was my initial idea when i was thinking about the special issue with the soundtrack.
Create an event where all the visitors were given headphones and the special issue. Each track would ‘represent’ one project on the zine. Then i wanted to ask some questions to all the participants to see how they found this experience.

I love your idea for the exhibition, the problem is that it needs an amount of money that at this stage is difficult for me to find…

My english are in the same page (or even worse) so don’t worry… :slight_smile:


Good morning ! My name is Elettra ! I work with images and videos. Here are the latest images I made for some album covers.

I have all my images on Facebook. Here is my page.

I am studying film making in Glasgow, so I am also willing to write scripts, or help with any technical part of the production.

I am happy to do any kind of work. Would my style fit the project?
Thanks !


Thnaks for the kind words. oh c’mon we have to mess up each other, I love your approach to sound, and I’m looking forward to collabs, I’m curious in which way we can do that, I’m actually travelling and I’m using a laptop, mainly ableton and reaktor. I’m in these days looking properly the zine, we could let know each other the favourite artwork/arguments/concept/drawings and then find a road. what do you think?


yeah I can imagine the money side was my concern (and the tecnical side also cause I’m not practical in that stuff) ::slight_smile:


Hi @Vagg_Rdu, the zines arrived. Thanks, very interesting and inspirational.
I’m proud to be part of your new issue and project. Asap I will share a couple of new track and pics.


Hi Elettra, thanks for contacting.
I like your work, congrats! Unfortunately the zine for now is b&w only,
But i will be happy to collaborate on some projects that i am planning for the near future and have to do a lot with your field of studies, More specific, i am planning on doing some short animations.
Please give me an email and i can contact you if you are interested!


I am really glad you found the physical copies interesting!
I thank you for taking part in this idea.
I can’t wait to hear your sounds.
Nice photo by the way.


Such beautiful work!
I will definitely be ordering all issues and a shirt as soon as I’m back home from tour.


Thank you very much for your kind words! @lintfresh


I’m still in the early formulation stage for my piece, but I love the zines and all the ideas in this thread. The exhibition with music accompanying the artwork is fantastic, would love to see that.


Hi guys, just a quick message to see in what stage each of you are with the compilation!


good reminder himo emailed me tracks and I forgot to get back to him :expressionless:


I have a track… I might start again from scratch though… :smiley:


I have a skeleton of a piece (only @Vagg_Rdu will get that joke) . Will be ready by the deadline.


I’ve got some rough ideas, but nothing firm yet. I’m leaving tomorrow for three weeks in Copenhagen, and only taking a very small number of instruments. I’m going to try to make something for this with only what I take with me.