99 percent invisible Vol 1 (was "Zine soundtrack?")


I emailed you a thing.


Will send in mine tonight! :smiley:


@emenel, @SYS2064, @glia, @mzero, @myecholalia

Hi guys!
Today is the last day of the existing deadline. However i would love to have tracks submitted from you if you are still working on something for the compilation. That being said, i am happy to extend the deadline to a few more days and wait for you. Please reply to this message to tell me if i should do this!


Hey Vagg, I’d massively appreciate a little more time. How much can you afford? Thanks.


Hi. I’m in the same position as @myecholalia.

I have a demo of the track I’m working on, but I’m not totally happy with the recording yet. I’d love time to do one more version.


@emenel @myecholalia Thanks guys for the reply!
How about until the end of the next week? Is that enough time?


End of next week sounds very good to me! Thanks for the flexibility!


sorry for the delay, thanks for the extra time, i’ll do my best asap :slight_smile:


Hi guys, i hope you are all fine!

This morning i sent all the submitted tracks to @Simeon to do the mastering.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Here is the complete list (in random order):

Dan Derks - Transilience
Fjna - Strollin’
hi.mo - Divine Dissatisfaction
Koam - El Viaje De Julepe
Lijnenspel - For Synth Killed Three Times
Morgan Le Bihan - Sans Titre
New Tendencies - Fracture Return
Roberto Ferraris - Sixty-Four
Simeon Smith - Vices Like Vipers
Thorsten Vieth - Implode
Très Aimé - Bloated

Everything should be ready to go until the beginning of August. The compilation will be presented during the exhibition that i am organizing in Edinburgh (with artists that have participated in previous issues of the publication).

It will be released in digital format (available for free download). I think i will make an account on Bandcamp for that. If someone has any other suggestions i am open to hear them!

I am not sure yet who will do the artwork for the release but i will let you know!


99 percent invisible No4 (Summer 2017) is finally out!
Take a look at the digital preview:

And some more links:

Big thanks to @Simeon, @myecholalia and @koam who participated with their beautiful works!

I am going to create a separate topic to make an open call for future issues. I’ve never imagined that so many members from the lines community will be interested in participating!


Can’t wait to read it! I’d also be interested in submitting for future issues :slight_smile:


I have a Bandcamp label account, and I’d be happy to release this for you on there. We could make it a free download… and if we think there’s interest I’d also be open to supporting and releasing a short-run cassette release (?)


YAS! short run cassettes would be awesomes.

Thanks again Vagg for all your work on this :smiley:


I made a different topic here in the lines community. It’s an open call for future issues so maybe you could reply there with a link to your work? Thanks for the interest.

Release + Cassette sounds really interesting. Thank you! Again, if it’s possible i would like to have a look at your Bandcamp label.


I thank you Simeon for helping with this! I appreciate it!


Here’s a link to the label profile. At the moment it’s really only been used for my band, my New Tendencies work, and some other related projects. It’s very eclectic. :slight_smile:

The nice thing about the label account though, is that any artist I add to the label automatically gets a Bandcamp Pro account for free as part of my label. And you still have the artist URL, so you don’t really even need to promote it as part of the label necessarily.

For a cassette release - there is a great local manufacturer a that is inexpensive. We would need to design a cover and labels, and have the tracks split into two sides. I could take care of the rest, including mailing.


I can’t see the link! Maybe you forgot to paste it?

Everything sounds perfect though! The moment i have the mastered tracks and the artwork sorted, i will get in touch with you to give me some more information on how to continue! Sounds good?

And of course if we collaborate, it’s perfectly fine for me to promote the compilation as part of the label and mention it!

I don’t know if everyone else that contributed are ok with this?


Haha… Yes, I totally forgot to actually include the link.



Thanks @emenel. Looks great. I will listen as soon as possible.


Just a quick message to let you know that Lola Dupre will create the artwork of the release!
I am really happy about this, because she is really talented and i love her work. Please take a look:

Tell me what you think!