99 percent invisible Vol 1 (was "Zine soundtrack?")


There are still a bunch of these available. Tell all your fans about it, I’d love to get them into people’s hands.


Just went and did a tweet.


Hi! I would like to let you know that i recently changed the name of the zine from 99 percent invisible to Soul Traits.

Together with this transition i decided to create a website that will host all of the ideas that i had over the past year. A blog featuring work from individual artists / collaborative work between artists / interviews etc., all the music - mixes created for the publication, a subscription - membership section and more. (soultraits.org) [If you are interested in purchasing the zine use the code LAUNCH15 to get 15% off of all orders.]

I am also very happy to announce an open call for the next issue and the ones to follow.

Artists are welcome to submit work in any of the following mediums: photography, collage, illustration, creative writing and comic.

Please send samples at submit@soultraits.org



Just a quick message to let you all know that you can purchase the 2nd, 3rd and 4th issue of 99 Percent Invisible with 30% discount. Few pieces left!



Hi all! Soul Traits No1 has been sent to the printer! This issue’s theme is chaos, based on the self-titled photographic project by Daren You. All contributing artists used this project as an inspiration to create their work.
Visuals are accompanied by two essays based on chaos as well as a science fiction story by @koam.

I was wondering if any of you would be interested in creating a mix based on the issue. (I would like every issue to have its own musical background - something like an ongoing series). What do you think of the idea?

By the way here is the cover of the forthcoming issue: