A Cartoon Graphic Score (Disquiet Junto Project 0247)



I literally sat and looked at the drawing for a couple of hours. Then I wrote this.
Like a waking dream all the elements are there for it to be both logical and reasonably good. Yet on closer scrutiny things don’t seem right and they certainly don’t make any sense.
On any other day these animated sounds would have been moved to the trash.




Looking at Lark Pien’s illustration at https://goo.gl/djQ31Y immediately reminded me of the things my mind goes through when I am recovering from the novel I was starring in while dreaming, and realizing that I am now working my way back to a more familiar territory.

While I attempt to make sense of things there is an order I do not immediately recognize. The land of randomness from which I just emerged seemed to have order, so this piece is built on a serial row of twelve tones selected from the base 12 value of Pi, a perceived random pattern that actually does have meaning.

I selected a brass quintet for this piece. With the ability to blast one from the bed, the quality of restraint offers a warm welcome. So this is me in the first couple of minutes each day, as I transit from state to state.

The system will not allow me to upload an attachment, so if anyone would like the score then just shoot an email to George.Smyth@gmail.com.

Cheers -




EDIT: Okay, some word.
I admit. My reaktion was on the word waltz. Then I listened to Daniel Diaz track. Waltz… The drawing is cute. Dancing and/or wanting to hug each other? Indecision. Frozen hesitant actions on a paper.
My tool: My little modular. I use no dedicated drum modules.
When I wake up I dont snooze. I start at 6504rpm and get up. Thats me.My snooze-zone is in the arts.




Each of my kids seemed to make similar looking characters when learning to draw. The sketch also reminded me of a schoolyard scene. And I have always associated a waltz with this music box that I got from my Grandmother after she died - two birds on a broken branch, rotating on a stand, playing a piece in 3/4 that I have never since identified… I left it on the window sill in my room, and would gladly listen to it when doing school work…

So, it was all a little inevitable I pull out the wonderful DSK Audio Music Box free VST (http://www.dskmusic.com/dsk-music-box). Had a sample of a ticking watch that I stretched and EQ’ed as the sound of the clock drive mechanism that rotates a music box, and I added a little ambient drum hit towards the end.

Waltz Maybe? Waltz Definitely!

Hope you like it.




I ended up not following any more of the score than that title, because it immediately made me want to take a jazz waltz and put it into 4/4 time. This isn’t the first time I’ve done that - I previously remixed Miles Davis’ recording of “Someday My Prince Will Come.”


But that was just fragments of the track, and I added beats to the measures by duplicating. This time, I thought it would be more interesting to take the entire source track, keep it intact, and use Ableton warping to map it onto a 4/4 groove. I took John Coltrane’s recording of “Greensleeves” from Africa/Brass and warped it out over the Funky Drummer break. There are places where I carefully lined up the beats by hand, places where I selected long passages and quantized them en masse, and places where I left Coltrane’s original timing intact.




monome/mabalhabla/aalto/played looking at the 'score/audacity/ Favorite Free AU and VST Plugins /lvox’catbus/k-blamo

thanks @disquiet



cool sounds :slight_smile:




Sometimes a quick impulse leads me into a long fight with technology or, in this case a drudgery of edits - think that a Drudgery is a new collective noun for edits actually. This is a bit of an Alvin Lucier rip-off: played an over-simple melancholic 3x3x3, ABABACA waltzything on the piano, then I - p a i n s t a k i n g l y - re-recorded this through some glass bottles and a porcelain bowl that were on top of the piano (mini DPA 4060 mic) Then all i needed to do was line up the recordings and edit, which meant I was up much too late. I used the drawing to determine (more or less) which of the re-recorded resonances you get to hear. And just for the sake of closure had them all on at the end. You never hear the original piano recording. What I find interesting is that sometimes it sounds like a glass harmonica playing along. But it’s pretty sad. x gus

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A Cartoon Graphic Score (Disquiet Junto Project 0247)
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Image associated with this project is the (unintended, but used with approval) graphic score by Lark Pien.




Maybe I did wrong but I was fascinated by the title “walz, maybe” more than by the drawing.

First tried to produce a track in 3/4.
But it was hard construct anything meaningful in 3/4 times. So the track is in 4/4 but with a lot of 3/4 particles and elements. A walz, maybe.
And - fascinated by the title - I took the word “Walz” literally.

In German “Walz” or “auf der Walz” means “On the road” . An old but still very lively custom: carpenters in special dresses spend some years on the road offerning their services direct on the streets.

A true “Walz, maybe.”

Production tools: Novation Supernova, Sequentix P3 sequencer



wow! thanks!:slight_smile:



Read the notes as 3 chords with black being the black keys on the keyboard. Did 3/4 time with each chord held for 3 measures. Feed midi into Arp Oddesy and Jup-8 soft synths. Translated from from the original German to Germanish by Detritus Tabu.


Peace, Hugh




I am once again on the road, so here is my transient offering. At least I remembered to pack real headphones…




I used Audacity to import the image (goo.gl/djQ31Y)
as raw data, used the Change Speed effect to slow it down considerably,
then saved it as a .wav file. I created a Pure Data patch to read that
file, sampling the audio ten times per second and massaging the values
into the range of 0 - 127, then sending them to MIDI CC 2, where Aalto
received the CC values to modulate many parameters and create the sound.
Multi-band compression was applied with ReaXcomp.





Over the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting @yellow-salamandr-7 in the real-time waking world. We attended an awesome synthesizer build workshop together in Chicago. At the end of the workshop we each had completed our builds of the HYVE Hybrid Octave Touch Synthesizer. You can read more about the unique touch driven polyphonic synth here:

The timing of my acquisition of this instrument was fortuitous as when I think of waltzes, accordions aren’t far behind. The arrangement of the HYVE reminds me a lot of a concertina and playing little parts of waltzes flowed pretty easily for me.

A struggle that I had in rendering this is my not having the perfect audio cable to provide a pristine path to my front end. The HYVE uses a 1/8 single stereo output (like a traditional headphone out) and I don’t currently have the requisite cable to accommodate that output in stereo. Stereo is really important on the HYVE as each key is split in half and depending on if your finger is on the left, the right, or somewhere in between, its placement determines the placement of sound within the stereo field. This can produce lovely vibratos and tremolos with a bit of wiggling. Without the cable I was left with a poor quality usb speaker that takes headphone input, and then mic’ing that. This causes an interesting aggressiveness of the sound as a result of the lower quality signal path. Please don’t blame the HYVE’s sound engine for this … my recording of it is to blame.

The visual score was fun to interpret in real time. I ran through it four times in total for this performance with each rendition veering into more free associations implied by the movement I see in the images. I utilized the open upside down U used in the score as my home base, and any time I ran across it, I pulsed my selected chord more deliberately. Like ringing a bell to draw attention to that spot, and in my head creating the “Pah Pahs” of a classic waltz’s “Oom Pah Pah.” All of the other images led me to influence the central column of the chord progressions. Moving either from the right to the left, the left to the right, or up and down the central column. In the last read through I let those motions be more fluid and connected to each other by eagerly swirling my fingertips around and through the columns. Great fun!



sevenism - nonspheric slowdance


did a 777 track 21 hour long album the other day https://archive.org/details/sevenismWavenet777 ok well it took 2 days but still

the picture got me think of oscillators and i thought i’d plunder a track off that album . had them on random until it came to something that i felt would fit (fortunately didnt take too long) https://archive.org/download/sevenismWavenet777/nonspheric%20lecture.flac

i’m only on an old copy of audacity here so i used the tremolo and paulstretch as an oscillator, and in a duplicated track had some echo at 3/4 speed of that for a bit of waltziness. 'course adding echo to ambient drone doesnt do an awful lot



Ahhh… yes the activation email has come through… So this is my first post here, and also my first participation in a Disquiet Project (After years lurking in the shadows).
To redeem myself, I have encouraged my 10 year old daughter to participate too and I have posted her piece on her behalf (since she does not have a Soundcloud account yet).

So, why so long lurking in the shadows?
Well, several very interesting themes came and went. The main difficulty is that it takes me a few days to decide in what direction I will start with a potential musical project. Which means that by the time I am ready to start, all you guys have already finished and moved on to the next!

But this week’s theme was irresistible. Did anyone say “Waltz” ???
I really like this old cylinder recording of “The Blue Danube”, and I have created some manipulated versions of it before. So this was impossible to resist.
Me and my daughter, each armed with an ipad, proceeded to cut, slice, transform and reassemble this poor old recording.

So how does it relate to the drawing?
Maybe it relates more to the idea of waltz or of this particular waltz than to the drawing itself.
Is the drawing the result of a dream? Or did the artist feel a sudden inspiration to draw it upon waking up, not really knowing the reason why she felt the need to draw it? I think the fact that it is called “Waltz Maybe” indicates that the artist herself was not sure…
I guess that is where my interpretation comes from: a piece created with equal parts of “Waltz” and “Maybe”…
… and, like the drawing, created on a quick doodle without too much thinking going into it.

Here are our humble contributions:

It is a pleasure to finally become a contributing member of the Disquiet Junto !

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Recreated the original drawing by redrawing it in High C software.
Processed the drawing by using different wave-forms
Processed it further by using various envelopes ( ADSR )
Mastered by Landr for Soundcloud…



That is so great. Thanks so much — and thanks to your daughter!



Hey Juntonians,
Finished in the nick of time! A little tough this week, couldn’t find an idea, so just started noodling in 3/4 time. Got lost with other projects and got back to it Sunday night. The drawing only seemed possibly dark to me, but dreams are often dark here, so go with what you know :wink:
Settled on some minor progressions for piano( I prefer the piano waltzes) made it a duet but decided synth for second part and added a lonely drummer to give that dark, smokey future dive feel. Mostly done in Garageband on iPad but added Magellan synth and remixed in Cubasis. Ears are still jacked so pardon my mix! @disquiet

More on this 247th weekly Disquiet Junto project — “Interpret as a graphic score an illustration drawn upon waking by Lark Pien” — at:


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I started with the Danube and added a drum track. Slowed the drums way down an put a self-osc Max thing on it. Thought this poem went well with the theme.

Later, Les