A Clinging Fog, Dissipating

Hi all, I’ve just put out some new music that I’m pretty proud of.
Benjamin Mettey - A Clinging Fog, Dissipating

Here’s a little write-up about it:
There’s a sense of the exploratory in “A Clinging Fog, Dissipating,” the new album by Massachusetts-based sound artist Benjamin Mettey. Each song in the collection feels like a journey in miniature.

And perhaps this is fitting for an album of so many firsts for Mettey. First full-length LP. First recording released under his own name (after retiring the decade-long moniker Min (https://min-music.bandcamp.com/). First recording working in a new style, making the songs tighter and more polished than in the past. A project, then, of abandoning the comfortable and traditional in favor of the unknown.

The delicate, arpeggiated “Eccoci Qui” builds to a motive, adventurous double-time colored by mysterious chord changes: a true voyaging song. “Nel Profondo” is halved by a rising, almost airless peak, from which the song’s themes emerge, intact but changed. On the arresting, gorgeous “Decadimento,” the journey steers inward, turning the end of forms (the title is Italian for “decay”) into an occasion for the sublime.

With sources as varied as Patrick Modiano, Kosmische Musik, and Mario Bava, “A Clinging Fog, Dissipating,” shows an artist charting new topographies of emotional and artistic experience. For listeners in 2022, who must constantly confront the unknown, it’s a recording that feels as timely as it is comforting.