A Euclidean rhythm operator for the Teletype

great video and explanation!

Just reviving this thread to say: really a sweet addition to TT.
Am eagerly awaiting the TT expander sets to have the extra 4 triggers run the ER while others are busy complicating things in other ways! :wink:


Glad you’re having fun!

There is also this excellent video from @dudadius

and a riff on it by @carvingcode


(both of which were posted on the Latest tracks + videos thread.)


There’s some nice info on Euclidian rhythms here btw. Wish I had a teletype. :stuck_out_tongue:

This would be my intro to TT as I have a parasited Frames mostly running euclidean rhythm envelope gens (which I expect to replace and be able to replicate with a TT).

Now as far as the controls go… how do I interact with the TT in euclidean mode?

Is this a function or scene (terminology?) which is summoned using a line of code (syntax?).

Yes utter code/noob/moron onboarding time.


There isn’t really a Euclidean mode as such, instead it’s just another mathematical function (or OP / operator in Teletype terminology) that you may mix up with any other code.

The video at the top is me using the pattern editor as a poor persons interface to a “scene” that’s based on Euclidean rhythms.

Your best bet is to start with the Teletype documentation on the Monome website. Unfortunately they’re a little bit out of date as the firmware is now at version 2.0. But if you work your way through them you should get to the point where you can begin to understand how to use the ER operator.

It’s also worth having a look through the new docs, you can get them in the 2.0 firmware zip file, but these currently have no introduction to using the Teletype, so they might be a bit challenging until you know what you are doing.

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Hi Sam. I’m pretty new to the teletype and still wrapping my head around alt firmwares etc, so please bare with me!

So, I really like your eculdean operators, but looking at the official firmware notes can’t see them.
Does that mean, i’d need to make a custom firmware to include it?
Is there any chance your stuff will make it into the official firmware?



It’s been in the official firmware since version 1.1.2 (which I think was actually called 1.12). So it should be in there.

It is in the reference docs (should be included in the zip file), it’s under the maths section.

What firmware are you running?

Can anyone provide the simplest example of this operator? Just trying to wrap my head around it with no luck (and the TT is at home)

For example, how can I pulse TR 1 5 times (fill) out of 8 (length)?

I think this is what you want (but I haven’t tested it).

Script I

T 0

Script 1 (or M if you’d rather)


Let me know if it does what you want, and if you want me to break it down anymore for you.

edit: made some mistakes, but corrected them, and have tested it on hardware now


argh ok, my bad :slight_smile: That’s good news.
I’m actually still waiting for my teletype and am just doing a bunch of reading up before hand…

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Thanks @sam!
I need to study to understand it.
I’ve just found your page that explains it
I will look into that tonight!


I was just coming here to post that link for you! :smiley:

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I just made a request on the Monome Github page for Teletype docs that this address be included the user manual.

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It is already isn’t it?


The same link appears in the PDF too.

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Wish I would have verified that myself first…I assumed that the questions regarding ER sprung out of not finding answers in the documentation. My bad. Removed the issue from Github.

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