A few quick problems with teletype

Ive got a couple of problems that im hoping are gonna be easy fixes…

My TT shipped with 1.4 and had the demo scenes (which are great for beginners) and ever since i upgraded to any other version (and Ive rolled back to 1.4 after trying various v2 betas and the “official” GitHub 2.1.1 where scenes where supposed to be fixed…

IVe also got this weird thing where its got what looks to be bit-mapping and also displays the version number and no scenes

sorry, what is the problem with scenes exactly? Not sure I understand…

you know the scenes that are shipped with TT (Triangle mountain, 4 track, ect)

As far as I recall, many of the more recent releases didn’t ship with the scenes included. It’s less of a problem since the USB load/save now works reliably. The original scenes are available here.

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I had completely forgotten about the old default scenes! I am pretty sure that, after going through the Teletype Studies, I just erased them. :slight_smile:

Could the “bit-mapping” thing have been the Grid Visualizer? Were you using the recent beta when you saw it?

You mean the problem is that the scenes got erased when you did the firmware upgrade? That’s totally normal and actually well explained in the manual. Or is the problem that they don’t work anymore?

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Yeah the problem is that they aren’t in the realises past 1.4…

they are not in beta releases but they should be in official releases so let me know if they’re not (the specific version you’re trying)