A few thoughts about Meadowphysics

I love it. That’s not the question. (and yes i have the latest !)

Suggestions, though :

  • Output trigger on manual count setting
    Would allow much more predicable sequences. Right now it’s almost impossible to trigger by hand when i hear it in my head.
  • Rule : change division
    Having the chance to change the clock division with a rule would be amazing. Very musical i guess, maybe more than count length.
    -Rule : toggle between min and max value.
    -Rule : “last pressed” use ?
    i don’t see the point of this one.

Any thoughts ?
Thanks for paying attention !

The division rule could be accessed with TT ?

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I would love to see the switch mentioned elsewhere, where a trigger happens on press… for a more direct experience… not sure I would want that mode alone… switchable would be awesome.

changing clock divisions sounds awesome too!!! +1

i’ll do a change and add trigger on manual count change. though i feel like it could be nice to be able to toggle-off this functionality-- to have it be like setting a sequencer rather than “playing” the sequencer.

the rules are a little different than the first version. “drunk” is now “pole” which toggles between min/max and the square which was “last” is now “stop” so you can use a rule to stop other rows.

re: changing speeds. i could see this working if the speed settings also had ranges, and then the “rules” could be directed at the position, speed, or both.

is that interesting sounding?

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Amazing !
I didn’t notice the rule change for drunk/pole. That’s nice but does it means that ‘drunk’ doesn’t exist anymore ?
The speed change would be lovely, even though i don’t see how it would be accessed. could be buttons 0+1 for count rules and buttons 0+2 for division rules ?

yes “drunk” is out. “pole” is incredibly useful/interesting. generally the range-setting of counts facilitates making musical structures with rules.

there’s room on the rules page for assignments. will keep y’all posted.

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Love the idea of the division changing rule!

As to the manual trigger, I too think it would be good to have a choice there.

I second the choice route. Real time triggering when adjusting count would not be helpful to my workflow, most of the time.

+1 for this. or at least an option for this. been playing with mp2 a ton! so much fun.