A github repo of things that I used to make an album

I recently put out an album. Half the songs in it were created using TidalCycles code. I decided to put them out, along with a few hacked-together Ableton custom instruments. There’s also a wiki page that explains my motivation/methods around building some of it.

I’m more than happy to share it with the community and perhaps you may find a use for it!



Nice, thanks for sharing! And extra special thanks for taking the time to document it all.

I’m really happy that it’s becoming more common to see folks share their work for code-based projects, but the norm is unfortunately to just dump everything onto github without much if any documentation. (I’m pointing a finger squarely at myself for this too.)

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The palme sounds fun. I downloaded the .adv files and will experiment when I get the chance. Thank your for freely sharing your ideas!!

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