A Home, Electric - Max/MSP sonifications of home energy data

My first experiments with data sonification in Max/MSP.

Outside of music, one of my hobbies is IoT tech. Amongst all my fun smart home toys, I have a home energy monitor (I’m going to leave the name out this, as I work for the company). I’ve been working on various ways to up my consumption awareness and I decided to try bridging my IoT and music passions. This is the result. Live wattage and voltage data are fed into Max/MSP where they then modulate a swarm of 18 oscillators. As consumption increases, the swarm becomes increasingly detuned. Voltage serves to amplitude modulate four of the oscillators, adding emergent rhythms and, strangely enough, even melodies. Headphones are strongly recommended.

Check out the album at Bandcamp.

Video is primarily a proof of concept, with 16 oscillators detuning only two tones


Ha! This is so cool. I love when you can combine two (or more) seemingly disconnected things that you’re interested in into a unified “thing”, especially when one of those things is musically-based. Clever

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