A.I. & Ciat assisted album: “By Clicking You Agree”

Hi all. I just put out a free album that makes heavy use of DIY ciat lonbarde gear and artificial intelligence generated material to explore various sounds between dance music and sound collage. Most of the album was made through feeding samples through Jukebox AI to create an extended rendition that I would then manipulate and add to. Throughout I use DIY CL gear that I found tended to compliment the low fidelity nature of the ai samples, and also as a seed for the ai (the “saxophone” sample throughout the album is generated from an AI interpretation of the rollz speaking). I hope you enjoy (:








Intriguing - looking forward to checking it out! Thank you!
I used this code:

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Finally giving this a listen and inspired to investigate Jukebox!

I really appreciate that you put info into every track on Bandcamp, I loved reading about the sources while listening and the A.I. comments are cute in the best way.

As for the results, I have to agree with the “fever dream” comment on Bandcamp. :smiley: I enjoy listening to this, but also find it quite intense in contrast to most of what I’m into.

Nice one!

lines is warning me I’m reviving a 7-month-old topic - @saxotherose have you continued down this path?

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Thank you!
Unfortunately, I haven’t done much more with jukebox as google collab changed the cards available for free users rendering the notebook I was using non-functional.
In the jukebox discord some people have made workaround notebooks, but I haven’t been able to dedicate a day to test them due to school.

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