"A Major Update of MIDI"?

MIDI has no time grid concept. It has the notion of “beat” in midi clock but technically speaking that can be varied widely even between actual “beats” and in fact the very lack of any timing data whatsoever with respect to note and control events is one of MIDIs two edged swords balancing total freeform nature with complete imprecision. Any update to MIDI would do well to actually incorporate precise timing into the format in a way that is suitable both for precise playback and competent real-time performance.


I mean, HDTV is already obsolete. I have a 5K monitor at home.

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never a truer word - I was on a standards committee. One memorable meeting we spent the whole time talking about one single word in the standard…

I think the comments about MIDI over OSC are true - MIDI - you can literally just shove a wire in both ends, the manufacturer shoved a chip on the board - it genuinely is plug and play. I’ve rarely had to wonder why two devices wired one to the other can’t “see” each other like I’ve had to endless times with networking…

Some concept of 'time" in Midi would be really nice though - the clock stuff is pretty basic