A new release i wanted to share: blit - 1605

Hi friendly Lines people !
i made this short album in last weeks. Its about change in general, most of it regarding climate collapse and pandemic related issues with me & my family changing to a new home, which was very stressful.
All of the tracks were born while exporing new synths or new functions of old ones, to get out of my comfort zone, which came out nicely i think. There´s little post production, at least in terms from what im used to do. Mixing and mastering are done by myself, which may not appeal everyone :slight_smile:


this is wonderful, totally mesmerizing. some things reminded me of explosions in the sky, but most of it reminded me of nothing I’ve heard. so many great textures and great atmosphere.

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wow, thanks a lot! This is an honor coming from you :slight_smile:

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I quite like this one as well! It definitely wants me to listen to it some more!
It’s only fitting that tracks that came from a very stressful situation are themselves very relaxing.

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Thanks!! Now two that I admire had complemented my work. I’m a fan of your graphic designs for MI and Sonic Potions :slight_smile:

You must be doing something right then! :smiley:
Thanks a lot for the kind words!