a new release! Miles Abbey - It's Not a Bad Idea

hi everyone!

“It’s Not a Bad Idea” is 22’27” collection of compositions and recordings from various effervescent moments of the past six years. it moves around, touching free jazz, electronic dance, and explorations of specific samples of my own playing, in the spirit of experimentation.

i used a bunch of different techniques to compose and record these:

  • single-take recordings on each instrument -“Prickly Pear”
  • resampling myself (and friends) incessantly with cheat codes (many many thanks to @dan_derks for this script, it’s changed my life, my ear, and my creative practice) - “Love Letter Pinball,” “Easy Bird,” “Bottom’s Beach”
  • long-length granular experiments and processing in the modular world - “Bendi” & “Bottom’s Beach”
  • DAW-heavy click-and-drag-midi-notes stuff - “Lucid Franklin,” “Nautilus,” “Palacio”

i grew up with a strict piano teacher. sometimes i would leave lessons feeling like something was wrong with me. i’m not good enough: i internalized that notion for decades. putting this art into the world for you all to hear and feel to feels like a long time coming; at 27, this feels like a step away from my demons and towards creative joy.

in working with many different instruments, styles, and techniques, i have re-learned that the most important thing is to trust myself and my taste. the Lines community, and my own small group of composer friends, have taught me this, time and again. so, thank you, all of you.

“It’s Not a Bad Idea” is named that way as an encouragement: be you. pull the string and see where it leads.

i hope you enjoy this little collection of moments and explorations of feeling, from dark depths, through moments of mystery, obscurity, and calm, up to the high peaks of triumph, and weightlessness. at least, that’s how i think about it.

please ask questions if they arise :slightly_smiling_face:

<3 - miles

edits: apparently i don’t know how to embed a bandcamp player. but i think now it’s working :slight_smile:


i am imagining your demons grooving and dancing to your songs which i am now enjoying along with them.

congrats and thank you for sharing. :heart:

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