A section for "sound and process"?

Thanks for the forum. Looking forward to seeing what develops here.

Have you thought about adding a section focusing on “making music” or “using the gear”?

After several years in the game I now feel like I have enough gear. The only thing limiting my music is my ability. There’s a few great forums focusing on gear but I’m yet to find a forum that feels like a good fit for conversations about using the gear.

This is LINES. A gathering place for discussion about sound, process and technology […]

The introduction suggests discussions beyond gear are something you had in mind but it doesn’t seem to be reflected in the forum categories.

I think shifting the conversation from gear to talking about what we are trying to do is one way to move away from “hyper-consumption”. There are often many paths to the same goal. We don’t need to buy Super Black Box™ to create X.


I think there is plenty here that focuses on ideas rather than gear aquisition already.
But you are right, that the categories could reflect the conceptual ambition of the forum better.
Having said that, I personally very rarely navigate the forum according to the categories. Almost always watch the flow of ALL posts…

So, maybe this could be a good place to exchange some ideas about how to foster the intellectual discourse betr on the forum?

I was thinking the other day about some ways to introduce an idea of a “forum event”… not sure what that means exactly, but I am intrigued by the challenge of figuring that out.
If a forum is a multi-directional, ongoing, ever-expanding field of conversations, how do we introduce unique events in this kind of environments. Making a post is an event, but I am wondering about an event that takes place on a higher plane.

If each post is a picture, each thread a gallery space, and the whole forum is a museum… how do you create an event that takes place in the museum?

A visiting curator that maounts a show that offers a new perspective?
An artist that remixes existing collection to reveal new ideas?


“Forum Events” were a big motivation for why I started the Network Music thread. Unfortunately I haven’t had as much time in recent weeks to follow through.

Doesn’t even have to be realtime. LCRP is a great example of what this community is capable of. Wish I had participated. Looking forward to next time!

I also see quite a lot of open source activity happening here every day, and I find that aspect quite exciting.


i am of course up for suggestions when it comes to forum categories.

generally i feel that a category needs an expected critical mass to merit existing. or a clear desire by some users to hide the topic (ie trade, or monome).

for “sound and process” i’d expect these posts to be unclassified, because there are integral topics to this community. but again, i had a hard time sorting out what categories should be named.

fwiw, I do sometimes stop myself from posting questions pertaining to those ideas because I don’t want to clutter the uncategorized stream. I wonder if this couldn’t be at least a very strong thread, the same way “what are you listening to” is. just a place for recipe swapping and aural process taste shaping.

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Personally? I’d LOVE it if the uncategorized stream was “cluttered” with this type of thing.


you’re the best. always been super helpful with these very inquiries. alright, challenge accepted!


for “sound and process” i’d expect these posts to be unclassified,
because there are integral topics to this community. but again, i had a
hard time sorting out what categories should be named.

Ok, that makes a bit more sense. I’m bringing habits established on other forums. I’m used to there being a subsection for all topics. I equated uncategorized as similar to off-topic.

I’m hopefully going to hang out with @raws this weekend to share ideas / pick his brain on Control and his approach to sound – any other Chicagonomes lurking around the forum who’d want to join or do the same? share our learns here for the benefit of all?

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planning on it! I wonder if i cabn query the lines user locatyiopn db.

i haven’t looked into the user db capabilities but if you want to check out http://discourse.org there’s a bunch of info

Looks like people are concerned with privacy as well as cluttered DB index slowing down search ( AHEM https://www.elastic.co/products/elasticsearch ).

Some of the admin API calls would maybe do the trick like search by IPv4 address. I would query for IPs by user, output a csv, and eat the lines up in a logstash filter to do geoiplookups before writing the json to my elasticsearch instance where id view a map. But id need mad privs do such a thing, and of course there are some ethics involved. Some people dont want users tracking them by ip addr (you can learn alot about a user this way).

its AG, thanks for extending the branch!