A Short Documentary about my friend

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My good friend, the other half both the {int}erpret null and Future Archive Recordings labels I run, Mirza, released a short documentary yesterday. It has been in the works for quite a while and has finally been put online for general consumption. In essence, it tells his story as a refugee of the Bosnian war of the early 90s and his relationship with his home country.

Having been there with him I have seen first hand how it weighs on him. I think the directors did an incredible job capturing that and I also think this is a tribute to his mother Selma. Anyway, enough rambling, it’s a beautiful short piece and I hope somebody enjoys it.


Really nicely done and suitably open-ended imo.

I was put in mind of the bits in Kirsten Johnson’s excellent Cameraperson that are about individuals’ experiences of this conflict.

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Really well done. The music is also beautiful.

Thanks for sharing.

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Incredible piece of work! I can’t compliment this enough for both as a historical document and a piece of beauty carved out of the collective consciousness.

This was not in the film but I could not keep myself of thinking that the memories of ex-Yugoslavian war should be never forgotten as they show how people are driven to become puppets of inhuman leaders and ideologies using identity politics and fear mongering - things that we are too well accustomed today.

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Thanks to all who checked it out. Yes, the film makers did an exceptional job!

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