A simple trigger sequencer module ? (alternative firmware)

I was wondering if some of you would also feel the need for a simple trigger sequencer a la Roland TR ?
I know it’s not really the spirit to recreate common sequencers, but that would be damn useful. And some nice concepts could be added.
Meadowphysics hardware seems to be the best suited for this but maybe Ansible and WW as well ?

The way i could see it :

Page 1 : 7 rows of triggers
Page 2 : length per row + inner loops
Page 3 : clock mult/div , mute, stop

Thoughts ?

Might not hurt adding some ratcheting — or we can call that Fills.

On some page we can use 7 pads to switch between the tracks, and then set trigger repeats per step.

That would take it further than traditional TR sequencing, and allow for more intricate rhythms.

And for setting length per row, I’d certainly consider hold+push to set the step range (so that pattern doesn’t have to necessarily start on step 1). If you think about it, that can be an easy two button press-way to shift between strong and weak accents: e.g you had a hi-hat pattern where all hits fall on a downbeat, you press 2-15, and then they all hit one step ahead.

Also maybe utilise a few pads as quick fill-in hotkeys (that would fill-in empty steps), with say, probability range of 25 to 100% in range of 25. Hold a 100% pad on a snare track and have a quick drum roll, or do the same for kick drum to spice up the rhythm.


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Out of curiosity, what doesn’t WW or Kria do that you would like to do? I think the only thing in your list that I can think of is the inner-loops of different tracks in the sequence, and the number of tracks. Kria has only 4 tracks, but it does variable length, probability per step, length of gate per step, and more. And I believe updates are in the works to chain patterns for longer sequences.

The work that @scanner_darkly is doing on WW clock div/mult is pretty amazing as well.

Could what you want be a simple update to one of these to add a couple more features or tweaks?

Mainly : number of tracks. My goal is to sequence the whole drum parts.

At the moment there aren’t any Monome modules with that number of outputs. However, I’ve used two Ansibles running Kria to achieve this…

7 is not bad.
MP has 8 trigger outs, and i don’t see a reason why WW’s or Ansible’s CV outputs could not be used as triggers.

Yeah, that’s probably technically true. I’ll let someone who knows more about writing the firmware take over from here :slight_smile:

Is it possible to do ratcheting or fills with any of the monome modules? To me this is the only thing lacking for drums in the lineup (unless you can).

Edit: Excluding any teletype programming.