A Stroke of Blue - n-So


hey everyone, just wanted to share a project I’ve been working on for quite a while now:
A Stroke of Blue my first album, released today at n-so.bandcamp.com with pre-order available for a small run of cassettes for those interested, shipping a little later this month.

its a mix of very rhythmic and very non-rhythmic tracks, with an emphasis on piano, Juno-6, and tape.
modular used here and there.

much love to any and all support, and to this amazing community for providing constant inspiration.


(artwork by Salman Khoshroo)

Your top _____ of 2018
Cassette releases

Congrats on the release, @n-So! Looking forward to diving into this.


Listening to this right now. Stunned by how beautiful it is. Very happy you’ve shared a full album. Congrats! :slight_smile: Oh, Anson is my favorite so far.


been loving your recent insta posts so i grabbed a cassette! keep it up


beautiful front to back! congrats. i love the transitions between the Blue movements, and going from those crystal-clear recordings to tape loops in the next track is wonderful. here’s hoping you take this show on the road!


Absolutely beautiful. Excited to receive the cassette!


Sitting at my desk, watching the storm outside with A Stroke of Blue washing over me and it’s just perfect.


@n-So fantastic :slightly_smiling_face:
nice work


Got the cassette too, really good work!


this is has been on loop for the last few days now.

it’s so fucking good.


this is so good…


just listened to the first track of this but intrigued to listen to more. you should check out this album if you haven’t already


incredible work @n-So. ‘Isness’ is particularly stunning. every time I go down a “minimal music” rabbit hole, I’m really just looking for this song. wonderful to have it materialized.

gorgeous, gorgeous.


thanks so much Dan! I definitely want to do a project at some point that focuses on this style even more


Now that I have a (mono, d’oh!) tape player I’m finally giving this the attention it deserves and I LOOOOVE the piano work on this!!


thank you so much for the kind words and your support!! :relaxed: the only tape player i have is also mono, and it was fun to hear how it summed when I got the tapes, in particular Anson in mono on cassette on an old player was pretty cool to hear.

the piano ended up being a way bigger character on the album than originally envisioned but I fell in love with the sounds I was getting out of it and with a new kind of minimal composing I’d been experimenting with. will hopefully being going into more detail with @Dan_Derks in the future about this on the podcast. (sorry dan if that’s a spoiler) :sweat_smile:

I think the next project is going to dive even deeper into a more minimal/experimental style and with more hand-dampening and other treatments to the strings, combined with more drum machine/modular stuff- for that vibe where you aren’t quite sure what’s “real” and what’s synthesized.


it is, but only the best kind. this album is gold. er, this album is blue? it’s fantastic, whatever color it is.


new album idea a stroke of gold

(okay this fake cover actually looks pretty sick)


I’ll be sure not to miss the cassette release of your next recording.


I just listened to the E.P. while riding a train across Tokyo. It is very beautiful, and Blue III was my favourite. Thank you for sharing your music!!