A tale of norns - an album by Josué Arias

I`d like to present here my new album:
This time it is a story; is the soundtrack of a story that is told without words, through 10 chapters of melodies, timbres and sounds.
A sonic exploration through different acoustic and electronic instruments, generated, controlled or processed with the monome norns, a device that fell into my hands and that has further opened my expansion and expression through music and sound.
I hope you listen to it, enjoy it, share it… Just let it sound, to be able to “be”

I want to thank all the developers in the monome community, all the norns scripters for sharing their creativity and giving the possibility for others to build on it. Specially to @sonocircuit, @sixolet, @infinitedigits, @cfd90, @dan_derks, @midworld, @justmat, @zbs, @andrew, @oootini, tylerettes, szymon_k and olivier; all of you have been a very important part in the expansion of my creativity and my music.

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