A user's guide to monome eurorack firmwares

this is a guide to all the various firmwares available for monome eurorack modules. it includes the official firmwares, their modifications (mods) and alternative firmwares. this is a wiki post and is meant to be maintained by the community.

the guide is grouped by apps. please note that in some cases apps share names with modules - the guide will use “app” or “module” to make the distinction clear. for each app and version the guide will list what modules they can run on. links to firmware images / documentation are provided as well as links to relevant threads (as there are many threads only the major ones are included).

most apps run as exclusive firmwares, with the exception of ansible firmware - it includes several apps and you can switch between them at any time. some apps are available for multiple modules, typically as different versions that share some general principles but have some differences as well. there are also multipass apps available now (polyearthsea) where the same version can run on different modules.

official documentation: index - docs
official firmwares and instructions for updating firmware: modular firmware updates - docs

looking for what apps are available for your module? here is what each module can run:

white whale module: white whale (and mods), orca, kria, polyearthsea, orca’s heart
meadowphysics module: meadowphysics (and mods), polyearthsea, orca’s heart, chrono sage
earthsea module: earthsea, polyearthsea, orca’s heart
ansible module: levels / cycles / kria / meadowphysics / earthsea (as one firmware), polyearthsea, orca’s heart, satellite
teletype module: teletype, orca’s heart

please note crow scripts are not listed here, see this thread instead: Bowery: a crow collection

white whale app

official version: ww module
clock div/mult mod: ww module
grid 256 version: ww module
other versions: vcvrack
controllers: grid


probabilistic step sequencer with 2 CV and 4 trigger tracks, definable loops and various playback modes. the closest to a typical step sequence with some additional features such as step probability and scales.

meadowphysics app

official versions: mp module | ansible module
grid 256 version: mp module
other versions: vcvrack
controllers: grid

mp version thread

rhizomatic cascading counter, a controllable gate/trigger generator. ansible version is the latest version and instead of 8 gates it generates 4 CVs and 4 gates.

earthsea app

official version: es module
ansible earthsea: ansible module note: now included in the official firmware
polyearthsea: ww/mp/es/ansible modules
other versions: vcvrack
controllers: grid (all versions), arc (polyearthsea), midi (official and polyearthsea)

ansible earthsea thread
polyearthsea thread

sequence player/recorder. the official version is a single voice and runs only on earthsea module. the ansible earthsea version is a polyphonic version that runs alongside the official ansible apps (kria / meadowphysics etc). polyearthsea is a standalone version that can run on ww/es/mp/ansible and adds multiple pattern playback, direct control of just friends/telexo/er-301 over i2c and support for other controllers.

kria app

official version: ansible module
white whale version: ww
grid 256 version: ansible
controllers: grid

ansible kria feature requests

live step sequencer, polyphasic parameters, emergent patterns. was released originally as an alternative firmware for whitewhale module. the ansible version is the one still being actively developed.

orca app

ww module
controllers: grid, arc


polyrhythmic CV and trigger generator. an alternative firmware for white whale module. there are plans to port it to other modules (mp, es, ansible) as well. no, this is not the live coding tool orca.

orca’s heart app

ww/mp/es/ansible/teletype modules
other versions: vcvrack
controllers: grid


algorithmic polyrhythmic sequence generator. based on orca the alt ww firmware (see above) but with focus on generating more complex sequences and playability.

chrono sage app

meadowphysics modules
controllers: grid


a logical clock divider alternative firmware for the monome meadowphysics module.

teletype app

official version: teletype module
satellite: ansible module

controllers: keyboard, grid

thread on latest official 3.2 release
teletype workflow, basics, and questions
teletype code exchange
grid ops
grid code exchange
development discussion and feature requests
teletype talk
teletype haiku

scriptable event processor. create sequencers or CV/trigger generators by writing your own scripts using the teletype language. control other modules via i2c. there are plans to port it to vcvrack. see the above page for the latest official release but as it’s still being actively developed there are usually betas with some new features available. the latest feature discussion thread and betas are posted here: Teletype 3.2+ feature requests and discussions

levels/cycles apps

official version: ansible module
controllers: arc


CV/gate sequencers and generators specifically for using with arcs.


Fantastic! Seems like meadowphysics is missing for ansible at the bottom module list

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that’s because the “Ansible” app includes Kria and Meadowphysics.


ha, seems i confused myself with my own terminology. since ansible app is a collection i’m listing it as separate apps, will edit now.


This is great, thanks!

note on “other versions” - for now i just added vcvrack where applicable, my thought was to link to norns/max etc versions as well where they exist (the list is specifically for eurorack apps but i think it would be helpful to see non modular versions). if you think of any please add to the list!

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added orca’s heart and chrono sage


Thanks for posting the latest Ansible and Teletype betas. Should the OP include crow as well?

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i think it would make sense to include alternative non crow firmwares for crow module once there are any, for crow scripts it’s more like teletype scripts - would be difficult to list them all here and keep it up-to-date, a dedicated thread is a better way to track them. i did add a note in the OP with the link to bowery, for completeness sake.

First time Ansible user here. I just got the new grid yesterday and spent all day today with meadowphysics and earthsea on Ansible. But I’m greedy, so now I want to play with all of the alternate firmwares!

Is there a coordinated effort to update the alternate firmwares for the new grid? Or will it happen piecemeal? Can’t wait!

no coordinated effort but i will be updating orca (the original orca), polyearthsea and orca’s heart soon when i update them to support disting ex. i’ll update satellite at some later point.

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