A user's guide to the wonderful world of teletype ⌨

what is teletype? it’s a navigator. a conductor. a communicator. a box of wonders. a ghost in the machine. or, as the manual puts it, “algorithmic ecosystem: a dynamic, musical event triggering platform”.

it can do many things:

  • generate rhythms and melodies
  • process triggers, CV, MIDI
  • control other modules
  • orchestrate actions in reaction to events

it can be many things:

  • a sequencer
  • an automaton
  • a controller, especially when used with grid or midi controllers
  • a preset manager
  • a utility module
  • a live coding platform
  • all of the above at once

it can talk to many things:

  • keyboards
  • grids
  • midi controllers
  • faderbank
  • select bus (via disting ex)
  • i2c enabled modules - just friends, telex, er-301, many others

it can be the heart of a big modular system - or a small 42hp case. it’s something that will keep surprising you even after many years. above all, it will give you the excitement and the wonder of seeing your own code make things happen.

this can also make it sound intimidating - and it shouldn’t, you can start doing interesting things with it as soon as you learn the basic syntax. but with so much information available it can also be difficult to see where to start, or to find a relevant thread. this is what this guide is for. this is a wiki, so if you see something missing, consider contributing as well!

this guide is split into categories depending on what you want to do, but make sure to check all sections as, for instance, development discussion threads can provide an interesting perspective or help to understand how to use some features (CHAOS op, i’m looking at you). some links can appear in more than one section, where appropriate.

this guide is also a testament to the spirit of community - it would take a page just to list everybody who contributed to hardware, code, documentation, tutorials, videos and who shared their thoughts and ideas. consider contributing as well. :black_heart:

and this is where it all started:

what is it / is it for me?

if you’re not sure what it does or how it can be used, take a look at these threads. they don’t cover everything, however, so make sure to check other categories as well.

Teletype, interview on horizontalpitch

Teletype - opinions

Using Teletype when you’re a full-time programmer

Teletype, what other module has it replaced for you?

Teletype love

Why Teletype?


The [something] of Teletype

this thread has many examples of teletype being used in a very small system:

42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration


this is where to start if you’re just making your first steps.

the official documentation:

the official teletype studies linked above are the best way to dive in. here are the relevant threads (just remember that some info might be outdated by now):

Teletype Studies
Teletype Studies Part 2
Teletype Studies Part 3
Teletype Studies 4
Teletype Studies Part 5
Teletype Studies Part 6
Teletype Studies 7

if you prefer videos check out this excellent tutorials:
Teletype Talk

Teletype patch from scratch / sorta tutorial video

any questions, even basic ones? use this thread:
Teletype workflow, basics, and questions

teletype scenes don’t have to be complex. get some ideas here:
Teletype haiku

advance study

go deeper with more advanced techniques.

integrate with grid:
Studies for grid integration

integrate with just friends:
JUST TYPE studies

teletype talk videos also cover more complex topics:
Teletype Talk

exploration of various concepts:
Teletype concepts and thoughts

also check feature development threads as they can offer interesting perspectives and ideas on how to use specific features, and code sharing threads, to see what other people came up with.

and consider creating your own studies!
Volunteers: New Teletype Studies

shared scenes

these threads collect various shared scenes - use them as is or as an inspiration for your own scenes.

> teletype : code exchange

> teletype: grid # code exchange

Grid Ops Base Controller for ER-301

Teletype haiku

Teletype concepts and thoughts

Teletype codex: community github script repository

how do i..

threads with questions on how to do something with teletype. some of these threads are pretty old, so things that were considered impossible might be entirely possible now. if you have a question and none of these threads answer it, post it here: Teletype workflow, basics, and questions

Teletype: creating gate patterns

Teletype as envelope generator?

Teletype : LFOs

Teletype: rapid polling

Basic Question: Teletype as Basic Sequencer

TT turtle mode - any demos?

Swinging Teletype

Teletype: Swing timing

Teletype feature request: swing

TELETYPE - Decimal to binary scene HELP

Teletype as a trigger processor

Can i trigger Teletype with a 9V battery?

Teletype : Transpose to pattern

Teletype ‘wrap’ clarification

Teletype freeze button

Tuplet Clock Divider on Teletype?

Teletype - basic scripting question

Help: passing cv thru teletype

Teletype: best practices for addressing different patterns simultaneously


various concepts in various stages of completeness. find ready to use scenes here or use them for inspiration. these are discussion threads - consider adding to the discussion.

Teletype concepts and thoughts

Orca style sequencing with teletype scripts

Composing with Teletype

TELETYPE - First-order Markov chain melody generator

Teletype: MARKOV SequencerS (TT+Txi)

Help with sh-101-like sequencer with Teletype

Teletype arpeggiator

Bishop’s teletype

Help my teletype scene evolve

Teletype Challenge : Bartok Palindrome

Teletype : ASR – analog shift register / Spannable CV Delay

Teletype / Ansible : 4 Track Step Sequencer

Teletype : re-creation of other modules?

Grid Ops Base Controller for ER-301

Teletype patch from scratch / sorta tutorial video

development discussion

many features have dedicated threads - and they can make for both a practical and a sentimental read. it’s wondrous to see how some of the features grew from a simple idea, a dream, a “what if”. some got developed, some never did. some resulted in heated arguments - we are all passionate about this little box. and many of the threads have a wealth of ideas on how to use a particular feature, or explanations on why things were done a certain way. also see the release discussion section below.

Telex: Teletype expanders

Grid ops / integration

CHAOS Operators

A Euclidean rhythm operator for the Teletype

(Teletype) Monitoring Live Variables (Done)

(Teletype) LFSR op - help with pre-review

Scala files in Teletype + Telex ecosystem

(Teletype) USB Disk Mode Interface

(Teletype) The JI op

(Teletype) expanding scripts: length and amount

Generic teletype ops for interacting with other devices?

Teletype MIDI IN ops [experimental]

Teletype and MIDI

Teletype Disting EX integration

Universal ops

NOTE teletype op

Teletype Timing Issues, CV Edition :slight_smile:

[Bounty complete!] Teletype Circular Shift OPs

Teletype - non-repeating RAND/RRAND?

Teletype feature request: also

Teletype Delay Limitations

(Teletype) IN / PARAM Calibration (Done)


(Teletype) State Clearing Operators

Teletype 2.0 documentation

Updating the teletype docs

(Teletype) IN cv read latency?

(Teletype) Screen Saver (Done!)

(Teletype) Configuration Menu - Vetoed!

TELETYPE: Multiple metronomes?

(Teletype) Tracker Input Improvement

Does your teletype stop responding after an hour or two?

Teletype Firmware i2c Debugging

I2C questions / discussions

Teletype recursion

Sub commands on the teletype

Replacing the parser code on the teletype

ʜ⊥ᴚoℲ (and other Teletype ideas)

TT Short Aliases?

Argument Expansion -> Functions

(Teletype) Asynchronous tasks and variable scope

Teletype refactoring ideas

Timing for teletype (and other monome euro mods)

release discussions and the official release threads

several major releases had their own discussion threads, check them for background on many features or to see if a feature was already requested (or maybe even implemented).

Teletype 1.1 beta

Teletype v1.1

(Ansible/Teletype 1.4.0)

Teletype firmware major version bump?

Teletype v2 proposals

Teletype 2.0 beta (release candidate 2 released 13th July 2017)

Teletype firmware 2.0.0 (released 18th July 2017)

Teletype 2.0.1

(Teletype) 2.1 Firmware Beta (rc2: EVERY et al.)

(Teletype) 2.1 Release

(Teletype) 2.2 Release Status

(Teletype) 2.2 Release

Teletype 3.0

Teletype 3.+ feature requests and discussion

(teletype) 3.2.0 release

Teletype 3.2+ feature requests and discussions

if you have issues updating the firmware, see if these threads have the answer:

[solved] Homebrew install issue

Trying to update Teletype to 2.1 - Help Appreciated

developing firmware

thinking of becoming a teletype firmware developer? these threads will help you set up the toolchain and give you some pointers (pun intended) on how things are set up.

Module firmware development: avr32 toolchain

Building modules hex file in windows 7

(Teletype) Firmware build troubles with 2.2 (Fixed!)

Teletype firmware discussion

Teletype hacking

Teletype 2.0 documentation

alternative firmwares

you can also use teletype as a platform to develop your own alternative firmware.

Teletype: Alternative firmware?

the easiest way to start is to use multipass, a very lightweight framework that provides helper functions for working with inputs, outputs, i2c devices and more:
Multipass - a framework for developing firmwares for monome eurorack modules

several alternative firmwares are already available:

Teletype Oscilloscope (Telescope - build released)

Orca’s Heart Multipass

you can also use this alternative firmware to run teletype scripts on ansible:
Satellite: run teletype scenes on ansible

things you can connect

teletype can talk to many things, whether it’s via CV, I2C, HID or MIDI. also see dedicated sections for inputs/outputs, keyboard, grid and I2C below.

CV / triggers

right out of the box teletype can be integrated with other modules via triggers and CV. if you need additional inputs and outputs, you can use ansible and telexo modules:

Telex: Teletype expanders

controllers / MIDI / Select Bus

for additional control, you can use 16n faderbank or other i2c enabled controllers (via i2c) or grid and MIDI controllers (via the USB port). for the latter, make sure your case provides sufficient power! also, if you have an older revision of teletype (green PCB), you might need to power USB devices externally - see below.

Studies for grid integration

Teletype MIDI IN ops [experimental]

16n Firmware 2.0.1: release and official thread

teletype can also send MIDI and Select Bus but this currently requires expert sleepers disting ex module:

Teletype Disting EX integration


teletype can also talk to many i2c enabled modules - telexo, just friends, er-301, disting ex and many more. see the relevant section below. use this thread for any questions on how to connect i2c devices:

A user’s guide to i2c

if you want to share the same device between teletype and something else, you can use monome switch, or build one yourself:
Building a USB switch for teletype, ansible and grid

if you want to easily switch between keyboard and another device without replugging USB:
2 devices to 1 host eurorack switch: two > one

if you’re not sure your case or teletype can provide sufficient power, consider external power. it might also be useful if you get noise when connecting an external device:

Offworld-1: USB power utility

Offworld-2: USB power utility

Ansible & grid / power issues?

High pitched buzz with Grid and Teletype

inputs and outputs

anything related to trigger and CV inputs and outputs.

Can i trigger Teletype with a 9V battery?

Simultaneous Teletype triggers?

Teletype trigger specification

TELETYPE + beatstep pro

Teletype CV calibration?

(Re)calibrating ansible CV voltage output


teletype wouldn’t be teletype without a keyboard.

Alternative Teletype keyboard recommendations (mechanical, wireless, etc)

Teletype keyboard issues

Teletype with non-US keyboard?

Numeric Keypad for Teletype - which ones work?

integrating with grid

teletype has a built in support for grid. script your own grid based apps, sequencers, controllers.

Studies for grid integration

> teletype: grid # code exchange

Grid ops / integration

Grid Ops Base Controller for ER-301


nothing reveals teletype potential like i2c. it was added first to control the monome trilogy modules, but since then grew into a sprawling ecosystem - i2c enabled controllers, additional inputs and outputs, sound processors and generators, all controlled directly from teletype without patch cables.

it all started here:

WW/MP/ES teletype updates

many more i2c modules and devices are now supported.

Who’s on your bus? aka “Let’s find I2C buddies!”

TXi / TXo

Telex: Teletype expanders


ER-301 Sound Computer

Teletype and ER-301 Basics
I2C communication with Monome Teletype

ER-301 Teletype Scenes

Grid Ops Base Controller for ER-301

ER-301 and the Monome Grid w/ Teletype

Axe thing one (ER-301 and Teletype combo)

Heads | Arc, Ansible,Teletype, Faderbank

Teletype I2c CV ‘lag’

ER-301 under control of Teletype via i2c bus. video

ER-301 possibly missing/delayed i2c triggers

Strange experience with SC.TR.P

Lucid Dream | Custom Unit

Chaos / Rungler Unit?

Just Friends

“Just Type” Beta Testers


Teletype and W/ 2.0 integration

16n faderbank

16n is a bank of faders [release thread] [current version: 2.0.1]

16n Faderbank: build help, dev suggestions

16n Firmware 2.0.1: release and official thread


Teletype and Sweet Sixteen I2c

SSSR Labs SM010 and Teletype

ADDAC221 i2c

Teletype Disting EX integration

this guide will answer any questions on how to connect and troubleshoot i2c devices:
A user’s guide to i2c

if you just have 1 or 2 i2c devices, you can connect them directly to teletype. for more complex systems you might need an additional busboard (also see the guide above):

TT-Busboard-Jr (a small powered i2c busboard)

II-bus board

you can make your own i2c cables:
DIY i2c cables

interested in utilizing i2c for your own projects? check out these threads:

Teletype I2C -> Select Bus bridge

Teletype I2C protocol

i2C to MIDI on Raspberry PI

Controlling TXo, ER-301, etc wirelessly using OSC, Node and a RPI
Controlling the ER-301 wirelessly via OSC with a RPI Zero, Node.js and I2c

Transit - MIDI to ER-301 via I2C


anything diy related.

Teletype hardware: open

Telex: Teletype expanders

16n Faderbank: build help, dev suggestions

Building a USB switch for teletype, ansible and grid

2 devices to 1 host eurorack switch: two > one

USB stick

USB stick remains the main way to backup scenes or upload scenes from a computer.

Teletype v1.1 Issue with USB flash drive scene read/write

Teletype Flash Drive Size

if you edit scenes on a computer and have issues when uploading them to teletype:
Teletype script editing offline


listen to music made with teletype.

Martin Mestres - “no data” EP

Eventuate - Tides

Mudlogger - monome ISMS + Whimsical Raps LP

Dan Derks - nested + less concepts: album + cellular automata sequencer

The February Thaw - Telemetry EP

Guy Purssell - Limbs Traffic

Timothy G Taylor - Terrace EP

glia - Oso

carvingcode - Teletype: Triangle Mountain

dudadius - Video: Teletype driving Macbeth Elements

dudadius - Teletype Sketch Video

dudadius - ER-301 under control of Teletype via i2c bus. video

a773 - youtube channel (all teletype code on GitHub)

LaborCamp LCO studio notes: teletype 1 & 2
LaborCamp LCO studio notes: teletype 3 a—c
LaborCamp LCO studio notes: teletype 4
LaborCamp LCO studio notes: teletype 5


my goodness thank you so much for compiling this. i’ve just started to scratch the surface of teletype and this is my new hub for everything.


can’t wait to see what you do with it!

this is a guide first and foremost, with a lot of technical info. but i find myself getting lost in some of these threads. so many good memories. can’t believe it’s been 5 years.


amazing, thank you!!

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So staggerlngly generous of you. Ten thousand characters of gratitude, plus a few more to express humility and inspiration.

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one million thanks. yet another example of the love of knowledge and sharing and creating and community that brought me “hear” and keeps me here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is just fantastic!
Thank you @scanner_darkly very very very much.

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Thank you so much for this @scanner_darkly and all the monome community!



A million thanks @scanner_darkly for this and all of your amazing work on TT. You’ve been an inspiration more than I can express!


Wonderful. What a resource, thank you @scanner_darkly

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thanks for updating the links @desolationjones! i’ll update the rest of them today.

I was kinda hoping to hit some magical threshold where the rest of them would unbreak :laughing:

yeah i’ll just change all of them since it’s not clear on how it decides which ones to show

edit: updated all the links.
will add links from the orthogonal devices forum tonight or tomorrow.

if you see any links missing - especially if you have a music release created with the help of teletype - please add it to the OP!

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wow, thank you so much. had hours of fun last night messing with the classic jumpy edges patch before I even saw this! your love for teletype is contagious.

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twenty character of thanks! :raised_hands:t2:

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Thanks so much for this!

I took you up on that, and added link to my youtube channel (all teletype) and accompanying GitHub page with all the code, hope it’s ok…

Thanks again!


absolutely - and yeah, add any teletype related youtube / insta / soundcloud / bandcamp links!


@scanner_darkly thank you immensely. seeing so many threads— it’s been a huge/long journey with so many people and so many caring hours invested. teletype has become something beyond what i ever imagined.


Bless you @scanner_darkly ! I’ve been dying to dig back in of late, but have been a bit overwhelmed at the prospects of starting over (since my distingEX finally arrived) and digging through the years of upgrades and threads etc… This will be a really nice framework to follow.

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