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Hi everyone, first post in here :slight_smile:
I’m a brand new passionate “teletyper”, it’s just a few days and yet I love it!
Every night – searching code examples – I’d been reading all of your discussions occurred along the years, and trying myself with the TT, so wonderful…
Now I stumbled on this thread, thank you so much! <3


This might be a stupid question, but: when connecting teletype and ansible via i2c, can I use ansible with Kria (plugging in a Grid into Ansible) independently from TT? Or I am obliged to unplug the i2c cable between the two?

Of course you can use kria/grid alone

As long as you are not using Ansible in leader mode (like controlling Just Friends through i2c) at the same time as sending commands from teletype through i2c somewhere else, you’ll be fine.

Even if you did this, as long as the messages are not sent at the same time it could work. But multileader setups are not supported officially.

Thank you for your replies :slight_smile:
At the moment I am only using Ansible as follower to TT in order to expand its TR/CV outputs, so it should be fine.

this is a great place for any i2c questions: A user's guide to i2c

hello! i’m clocking crow from norns right now. is there a way to send a pulse from crow behind the panel to teletype? “monome ecosystem clock bus?”

currently, no - this would require teletype to be an i2c follower which is not currently supported.


Can Teletype talk to multiple USB devices simultaneously? Is it a hard hardware limitation that it only supports one?

I should know or be able to find the answer to this but I haven’t been able to turn it up. I assume the answer is no or else everyone would be doing it.

Having access to Grid control mode while coding would be amazing. I realize I can do this sort of with a two>one, but it’s a little mentally sticky for coding, at least for me.


it’s a firmware limitation, the usb implementation doesn’t support USB hubs. it’s possible to add it but it’s a significant task.


…but it would be awesome…

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it certainly would be, and if somebody takes on it i will supply them with their favorite beverage for the duration of the project!


I have zero C experience, but sometimes not knowing what you’re up against allows you to actually roll up your sleeves and dig in.

I’m about to embark on a beach ‘vacation’ with my birth family in a fairly horrible south New Jersey beach town, so it might be a perfect opportunity to hide in a corner and read some code.


I got 20 (characters) on it!

Hello all! I follow a lot of the people here on Instagram but I’m not as active on the lines community (which I really should be because there so much information on these threads). Does anyone know if there any possibility or hundredrabbits orca being an alternative firmware for the teletype?


Yes, it should eventually be possible since Orca has been implemented on the uxn virtual machine, and I’m working on an uxn emulator for Teletype. I’m a bit pinched for time to work on this project at the moment and can’t promise any kind of timeframe, but being able to use orca in a modular system this way is definitely one exciting thing this could do.


Awesome! Can’t wait!!