Abandon - Knife Island

Hey everyone - over the course of lockdown a band of mine decided to undertake a ‘round robin’ recording project, given our inability to get together and do our normal composition or improv exercises.

The result was the following album: https://knifeisland.bandcamp.com/album/abandon

The rules were simple:

  1. Each person initiates two tracks, being limited to creating one stereo wav file for each.
  2. Each file is sent to a different contributor, who can then add a single stereo wav file of their own.
  3. Each file is then sent onward to the next contributor, who then also adds a single recording.
  4. Each contributor is allowed to provide an explanation of their process for any of the tracks they sent on, but were not allowed to be prescriptive towards the next contributor at all. for example, I could tell the next person what notes I was playing, but could not suggest what they should do.
  5. No specifics regarding style, instrumentation, track length, or anything else was agreed on ahead of time.

Since there were three contributors, the end result was 6 pieces comprised of 3 audio tracks each, all composed in a different order. If band members were named A, B, C, then the composition order for each piece would look like the following:


All-in-all, this was a fun experiment in setting egos aside and exercising trust in each member’s contributions. It was especially exciting waiting to hear what direction the next person would take a particular piece. All of them diverged pretty wildly from where they started.

I hope you enjoy!