Ableton diy control surfaces

curious if anyone has delved into custom control surfaces for ableton? ive been enjoying getting in deep with it, but i cant seem to figure out how writing a mode switch, such as the launch pad and recent apc controllers, would work? theres like very little resources online on this topic that goes beyond just the basics. Also would be more than happy to share what i’ve made if anyone wants it.

What platform interests you?

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Abelton doesn’t officially support third party remote scripts… which is what you need to write if you want your controller to have any of the kind of integrated control that you get with the Push, Launchpad Pro, Etc…

However, the Python based library API has been reversed engineered, and Ableton comes with a generic remote script that can be configured for custom controllers. Plenty of non-Ableton supported controllers have gone down this path and have scripts that work.

I have an improved generic remote script, crunch/remote that can easily accommodate larger MIDI surfaces that have “per channel” style strips of controls.


this is really cool thanks! ive been messing with a script base i found on github years ago that i kind find to source so this’ll be helpful to experiment with!

see also

I believe he takes commissions to do custom implementations.

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