Ableton Live 10


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My Ableton 10 crashes every single time I open a Max plugin. My third party plugins seem to be fine. I even reformatted my hard drive, installed Sierra and Ableton from scratch, and tried it before installing anything else. Crashes every time. I can’t find any useful information on this anywhere. Anyone else have this problem?


I don’t experience this issue at all, and I use Max all the time with Ableton 10. I’m on a Mac, fully updated. Are you trying to open one of the included M4L plugins or one using serialOsc and grid? Can you open Max by itself, standalone?


Just trying to open the stock Max plugins. It’s not every plugin that crashes but it’s most of them. Max standalone says “unable to get init function from audio lib!” when it opens and it also crashes with the same plugins.


sounds like something you should contact their customer support with.


I was having problems as well. I emailed support along with a crash log and they sent helpful tips - including sending me this link:

Eventually after 3-4 back and forth emails, I’ve been doing fine


Help! I plan on recording my modular sooooon but I’ve never used Ableton before. I’m familiar with an array of different recording etc… software programs such as Reason, Fruity Loops, Pro Tools, Cubase, etc… so I have some experience with producing/recording. Ableton seems so different though!

Can anyone suggest some really good beginner tutorials, especially with recording modular?

I’ll be recording on to my laptop (Ableton Live 9) through a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6, clocking through my Mother 32.

Any advice or links would be very helpful :slight_smile:


Why you want to use Ableton and not the DAW’s you already know? Do you only want to record or also edit the recorded material?


Well it’s the only program I currently have on my laptop, so I don’t want to buy anything else. Also I’ve heard so many good things about Ableton, seems really powerful. Record AND edit. I’m starting with going over the help files within Ableton.


It all depends on what you want to do. But the good news: There are so many tutorials on ableton its a simple search away and you will get the info you need. Clip automation in “session” view is fun and can produce some great results. I would start with understanding the basic difference between session mode and arrangement mode. Recording Clips in session mode. Clip automation. Arrangement mode is pretty straight forward and since you familiar with other daws getting this part will be a breeze.

Just do some google searches and you will find all the info you need.

Also, Get use to people wearing silly hats. Its a weird ableton phenomenon that is unexplainable by science in the ableton tutorial realm. :wink:

Pro tip: ARM you tracks


silly hats? What does it mean to arm your track?

Thanks for that info, I will look this all up


Arming a track is simply hitting the record button on the bottom of the track. there were plenty of times when i got started and i wasn’t getting any sounds from a certain track or synth… Forgot to arm it.

and the ‘silly hats’ thing is just me. After i had dove in and watched a lot of tutorials I just noticed a lot of people wearing hats. Cant explain why just cracked me up. i think ableton was shipping with free irish caps at some point. :wink:


I’ve been going down a rabbit hole of Ableton tutorials recently and I think I’ve hit a wall. I’m looking for something more advanced outside of youtube. Any suggestions?


in my limited perusal, the manual has been one of the best manuals I’ve ever read… okay I know that’s not saying much but imagine if it were and then my statement would still be true.


…make stuff?

Seriously, I’ve always learned good things by having an idea and then just trying to implement it in Live, rather than getting bogged down in tutorials. That’s a never-ending path to get lost on.

Also it opens you up to finding things by accident. Plenty of that in Live.

(Examples off top of head - use a rack to create a wet/dry control on any set of chains; automate enable on/off for heavy racks on individual scenes; turn any channel into an oscillator using a gate or env follower and play live like a synth; create a matrix mixer using the return channels and play with feedback; instant franken-poly by sending midi to multiple channels…Etc etc.)

Something that really helped me recently was doing a lot more Max programming. Trying to implement basic Live features makes you see how much is packed into Live, and appreciate it.

Live can be used like a daw, or like a modular, and you can record the output of the master in some other app. It’s fun to stop-start the sequencer to trigger stuff and then record tails. You can’t do that within Live because recording is locked to the sequencer.

Live is also great as an audio router or midi router. You buy some latency but often it doesn’t matter. Being aware of latency was a big level up for me with Live. Most of that was experimenting, you have to become a bit of a scientist! Do tests. I have a huge folder of test sessions with a single idea in them. This helps you understand the session directory structure and the role of all the files. “Collect All and Save” is very important :]

+1 on the manual too, very high quality. Reading the info box for everything is highly recommended.


Also highly recommend Len Sasso’s tips series for Sound on Sound magazine:


+1. It’s all online and you can also get a PDF. But it’s properly good - really well written, clear, and takes the time to explain Ableton-specific concepts. Like all DAWs, it’s a complex tool, and reading the manual isn’t boring or cheating, it’s just a thing you’ll need to do.

Also: if, for now, you just want to use it as a tape deck, you might find that Arrangement view is more useful to you than clip view: hit tab, and you’ll get the left-to-right arrangement you’ll know from other DAWs.


Thanks! I have discovered quite a lot on my own. Basically, I really just like to see how other people work to spark some inspiration or ideas I wouldn’t normally come up with on my own. I try to load my head with this information and I’ve discovered that sometimes when I’m stuck, something I learned in a tutorial will pop into my head and that can be my path to moving forward!


This can actually be done with this amazing little device:


Very cool :-] cheers!

Def recommend the SoS stuff for more advanced tuts.