Ableton Live 10


How’s the stability of live 10 looking these days? Thinking of upgrading from 9 but I wanted to wait and see what the crashes etc were like. Thanks


YouTube search ‘Against the Clock FactTV’ a lot of the featured composers work almost exclusively in Live.


I haven’t had any problem so far


Have only had a single crash since I upgraded on day one. So stability seems good. Haven’t heard of any complaints about frequent crashes either.
Only real problem for me is a significantly higher CPU load for certain third party plugins


Thanks all. I’ll probably update in the next few days. Looking forward to the new push 2 integration.


10 crashes almost every time I save a project for the first time… not sure why, but I’ve sent all the crash reports, so hopefully that’ll get sorted. I’ve also noticed a much higher CPU load. Still enjoyable, all things considered.


Does anyone know a good workaround for creating your own key commands for Ableton 10? I’m going to try using Quickeys:

…but maybe there’s a better way? I would love to bring some Pro Tools like functionality to the arrange page for faster editing.


Not sure if was mentioned on this thread yet, this page and others are worth checking:



ugh - joining in the grumble - yeah a lot more flakey than live 9 was and I’ve had a number of crashes and seems weird saving parameters with some AUs too - need to make sure I’m on the latest versions of everything I guess.

However - unexpectedly loving the wavetable synth - I’m not short of wavetables but like the integration with Push and the sound of it really. nice


Yeah. It crashes at least once a working session for me too - can be super frustrating - especially when you have a bunch of samples that have to be reloaded. Seems to not handle as many plugins w/o glitching out too (but that could just be my misperception)


I’ve been having some similar troubles. Almost everytime I close a project or open another project from within Live it crashes. This started a month ago or so. I’m on 10.2.


I think most of the above comments about Crashes are being taken care of in the Beta versions as I can see a lot of bug fixes concerning potential crashes reasons at every new release, but I think it takes a while before showing up in the actual official version. I have however not suffered too many crashes myself so I couldn’t comment, for me on that side it’s a “no better no worse” kind of scenario.


I’m sure it will settle - 9 was solid as a rock

It’s not been so bad I’ve moved back to 9 either but it is frustrating just now…


I’ve got a few frustrating things that are bugging me about Live 10 as well so I 100% understand :slight_smile: but overall I keep trusting ableton’s updates, let’s hope I’m right in doing so !


Yep I have had problems with Live 10 recently as well (running on a Mac).

Used to be rock solid, but I am getting crashes here and there.

I am sure they will be working on something (Ableton have always been bang on with updates and bug fixes in the past).


The main crash I experienced was with m4l. For whatever reason, I was able to avoid it almost 100% of the time by just loading any max device into a blank session before loading a work in progress. I have my default template set to include a basic max device and it seems to have done the trick. Hopefully they’ll address this in the next update so I don’t have to do this in the future.


Thanks that’s a good tip.

Keep meaning to make my default session something usable (to use as template for my Eurorack system) so this should be good encouragement!


No crashes here, but I’m getting pretty frequent beachballs that last for half a minute…


I bypass every single plugin I have running within a session before saving each time. This has significantly decreased the amount of crashes I have when opening or saving sessions.


I haven’t had one crash yet