Ableton Live 10


Just diving into this, and find myself giggling like a kid at some of the things it can do. If you ever wanted to do something very specific that isn’t a canned feature in Live, chances are you can do it with this.

Tiny example of something I occasionally need to do: to play all scenes in order, create a new scene at the top. Place a clip in this scene on a new midi channel, and make this clip the duration you want to cycle through the scenes, and name the clip [] (LSEQ) SCENE >. This trigger the “next scene” action on every clip loop. Remove the stop button from this channel on all subsequent scenes, and play the top scene.

This only scratches the surface. It makes Live almost completely automatable. Also, I think something about the terse mini-language make me feel like I’m programming a mainframe.


Ahhhh I was looking for this a few weeks backs to rework my live set but couldn’t remember the name ! Absolute must buy I think. It’s the ultimate toolbox / problem solver for live use, if you want to stop spending any time loading stuff that’s not music and focus solely on parameter controls and live playing. Great great thing, I’ve seen this in use live many times.

Thank you VERY much for reminding me !