Ableton Live 10


Just diving into this, and find myself giggling like a kid at some of the things it can do. If you ever wanted to do something very specific that isn’t a canned feature in Live, chances are you can do it with this.

Tiny example of something I occasionally need to do: to play all scenes in order, create a new scene at the top. Place a clip in this scene on a new midi channel, and make this clip the duration you want to cycle through the scenes, and name the clip [] (LSEQ) SCENE >. This trigger the “next scene” action on every clip loop. Remove the stop button from this channel on all subsequent scenes, and play the top scene.

This only scratches the surface. It makes Live almost completely automatable.


Ahhhh I was looking for this a few weeks backs to rework my live set but couldn’t remember the name ! Absolute must buy I think. It’s the ultimate toolbox / problem solver for live use, if you want to stop spending any time loading stuff that’s not music and focus solely on parameter controls and live playing. Great great thing, I’ve seen this in use live many times.

Thank you VERY much for reminding me !


FYI: all Ableton software/upgrades are 25% off until 8/28.

I hadn’t upgraded to 10 yet but hopefully it is stable enough that I won’t regret it!


… if this stacks with the student discount it might finally be time to upgrade from Lite…


Hello. Is anyone currently using SevenUp Live with Ableton 10? I’ve been trying but no joy lately. The test button in the core makes the grid light up but i’m not getting the signature 7 to light up when connecting. Thanks.

sierra 10.13.6
walnut 64
Ableton 10
max 7


I’m having a problem with clocking my Eurorack system and I’m hoping to figure out what the issue is. I am sending a clock out from the Silent Way Sync plugin via the ES8, and into Pamela’s New Workout, which then clocks my entire system. My problem is with latency. When I take a clock back out from PNW and into Ableton there is a delay which means my entire system is now out of sync. I then fix the sync using the offset on the SW Sync. Here is where the baffling part comes in. The amount of latency is contently changing on me. Typically, I’ll set up a session, correct the sync with the offset, and then an hour later realize that the amount of latency has now changed and everything is off. Even worse, when I’m trying to sync a large Ableton session with some plugins to my Eurorack system the latency amount changes drastically every single time I start to record. I can record 10 times in a row without changing anything and the latency could be anywhere from 10ms to 300ms. It’s driving me mad because there are many instances where I would like to process tracks through the modular and in sync but I just can’t do it with a large session. Also, I sometimes hear the clock I’m recording into Ableton is in sync but it’s not recording in sync. I can visually see the waveform is not in sync with what I hear and when I playback it’s clearly off.

Does anyone know any good work around concerning this?


Have you tried running the other way? Since Pam’s only job is to generate clocks, it’s going to do a better job than your laptop, which has to worry about drawing the screen, computing the plugin data, etc.

I don’t know if that would fix your latency issues though …


is there a reason the clock needs to be bi-directional? just thinking that it would simplify things immensely if you just clocked your modular with Ableton and didn’t send a clock back - I would imagine the floating latency to be a product of varying vat/etc processing times getting in a clock feedback loop, but that’s just a guess.


The only reason I record the clock into Ableton is to check the amount of latency. I’m not actually using it for anything. I just do this once at the beginning of a session to measure how many milliseconds of latency I’m getting so that I know how to set the offset parameter on the sync plugin… But because the latency keeps changing I have to continuously check this. As you can imagine it gets really annoying.


I would try to isolate the problem by looping the clock back into Ableton (not going through Pam’s) to see if you still have the issue.

I know that the signal is audio / CV out of the ES-8, but does the Silent Way sync app use the Ableton clock? Another thing to try is to create a looped clip of just a pulse, and try sending that directly out of the ES-8.


I just sold my ES8, but used it for a year or so to clock my modular with Ableton vis Silent Way. Recently that setup got very unstable for me. I was clocking Ansible with the sync tool from SW. Usually it started running just fine, then pretty quickly the clock went crazy and Ansible got super confused. I didn’t do a whole lot of testing, but my guess is that one of the latest updates within Live 10 messed it up. The said setup was bullet proof for months and months, both with 9.7 and 10.


I had the same issue until I decided to just use Pam’s as my master clock and sync ableton to it with the skinnerbox clock4live max device. Has been working pretty well so far. I setup a template as well which has it already in there so I don’t have to setup everything from scratch every time I want to interface the two.


Amazing thank you! Are you using the PEXP-2 expander module for this? I tried this with an output from PNW and the tempo in Ableton jumps around a lot. It sounds like the PEXP-2 has a more stable sync.


No haven’t gotten the expander yet, actually Pam’s is the only module I own (lol). The tempo does jump around but never past the +/- 0.5bpm range at the most, it isn’t perfect but it works better than anything else that I’ve tried with Pam’s being the master clock. When Ableton is my master clock, I send it’s clock to the Korg SQ-1, then from there to the 0-Coast’s tempo in, then from the clock out to Pam’s clock in and then I mess around with the PPQN until I get it to where I want it.


pretty big .x update—freezing sidechain tracks!!!


I’m very much looking forward to the custom wave table functionality!


As usual, the “.x” updates are pretty much as exciting as the numerical ones (yes, almost, but that’s because 10 was kind of not that exciting so 10.1 is, in regard to that, as exciting ! Wouhou ! Relativity and all.) Anyhow, so much stuff that bugged me for years (and damn this freezing sidechain track bit is gonna be absolute killer for me in some very specific use cases).


Ok im actually feeling like able10 is worth upgrading to somewhat. The ONE feature I CRAVE is to be able2 adjust a clips gain on the waveform just like u can with fades. It doesnt seem to be there but just maybe?


I’m looking forward to the custom wavetables too :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally I feel like the best thing that ever happened to a DAW happened when Ableton added Capture. It never ceases to blow me away. I’d be lost without it now as the material that I recover I mostly prefer to those moments when I hit record. Those uncensored playful moments, it changed everything for me


I was considering getting an ES8 to use my modular with ableton more easily, but I’ve been slightly scared off by some of the posts in this thread.

Is anyone currently using the ES8 with ableton 10 and having a good time with it?