Ableton Live 10


Did this and yes indeed the reverb is coming through. So probably different every time then.

Also i tried exporting all tracks at the same time and then it also exports a master track. Flipped the phase.

So it seems to me that exporting a stereo file and exporting all individual tracks is exporting excactly the same.

So it seems they have fixed whatever was going on.



I just tried Live 10 at the ‘we are robots’ festival and for my use the new features / workflow changes are satisfying. The added audio effects are nice. Even if I have (too many…) plugins, staying into native/m4l help me focus.

Same for the wavetable synth, it sounds great, and the modulation matrix should make it more flexible and enjoyable.

I also tried the push (not the first time). The new sequencer and midi edit workflow helps a lot, but it’s still not for me. I wish they made a mini version of it with just the screen and encoder for mixing, param change and automation :smiley:


After watching the video (thanks @nuun) I must say that I’m much more convinced than I was after reading just the changelog or the article on CDM. Nothing revolutionary, but lots of small things that make Live10 pretty desirable… except for the upgrade price, which feels pretty steep, especially considering the full retail price. But I admit that when I compare that to what I pay yearly (with emphasis on yearly!) to Adobe, it seems like a total bargain :slight_smile: I mean one CC application has a yearly cost which is higher than the upgrade to Live 10.


Agreed. Super annoying for me as I bought Suite about 6 months ago…


Same here, bought suite only recently and it makes it tough, same for Max 7 actually so that’s gonna be pretty brutal.



have wanted this ever since the push came out


Make it an audio/MIDI interface too, so it can be an Ableton-integrated version of the K-Mix.


I saw the video too, and now, sincerely, it’s hard to pay 179euro (about $210) (Standard + M4L) for an upgrade, that perseveres to have a ridiculous mixer. moreover, I don’t consider “improvements” the news about the integration with Push2. I always considered the actual midi track’s “black screen”, and, for example, the impossibility of change the External Instruments device’s parameters as serious defects in actual version.
I consider an improvements something that exceeds my expectations, not a corrective action on something the doesn’t work properly


So the Max4Live and control surfaces issues are apparently fixed in Live 10, which is sweet :slight_smile:
I pretty much just use Live as a way to collect material in a jammy way and then move everything to Reaper for arrangement, so being able to do that with ReWire will be nice.


What should also be said is that a lot of the improvements in v10 are things which other DAWs out there has had for the last 10 years (sometimes for a much more accessible price), so while these improvements are totally welcome and I’d really love to have those, it feels a bit weird to pay 180-200 euros to have a lot of things which should have been there since v8 or at least v9.

On the other hand, I guess you mostly pay for the new synth, fx and the stuff that is actually new additions.


I completely agree, of course all the improvements are great and I’m going to update because I super badly need them, but most of those things are really just “normal” DAW features now. Live is such a weird little thing that it had a lot of catching up to do, and it’s slowly reaching the point where it’s also now gonna be a full featured DAW, and the thing is, it’s actually not even there yet! So it really leaves a strange feeling. Oh it’s so weird to be criticizing for me because I really love Live, I really love Ableton, and I’m okay with paying this price for the update anyway because that’s life and people are working on this on a day to day basis, but yeah, I don’t thing there’s anything to be impressed about either, it’s a very “normal” update all things considered, just a very needed one, and it’s not going very far beyond that.


Totally! We should also not forget that Live has a lot of killer features that no other DAW has and I guess they always prioritized those instead of the more “common” features, which also totally makes sense. Still, Live is not Renoise. It’s one of the most popular DAWs out there. They probably make a decent turnaround from selling it.


Live has a difficult balance act (like BWS), many (expect to) use it as their only daw, so need ‘obvious’ features, others use if for its uniqueness (e.g. more a performance tool, Im more in this camp) - so like all software, many things, to many users… each who loudly swear… how can it not have X after so many years.

I also view the major version number bump, as really marketing and economic… if you include all the changes from 9.0 to 10.0 within this release (excluding bug fixes) as some other companies might, the list of changes is enormous - so I like to view it more, than have been giving us things regularly rather than holding back, but at some point of course then need a bit of revenue to help feed their developers/qa/support/designers, so a new version is born.
(also id say 9.0 has got so much more stable over the last few years, they have spent a huge amount of time on bug fixing, which whilst not sexy is really important)

also I think its fair to say, Push gets a large share of the improvements, and not all users have a Push (and yeah its not cheap) , but Ableton have not hidden the fact, that they think Push is a really important part of Live, and in fairness, there continued support and extensions to Push 1 have been admirable… many would have frozen its feature set, and focused on Push 2… whats nice about this users can get a second hand Push 1 for a pretty good price, and still get the ‘hybrid hardware/software’ approach that Ableton want to focus on.
(also I think their support for other controllers is also pretty good by comparison to other daws)

so yeah it doesnt have my dream items (MPE, VST3) but its still a great development that Id like to support…

(just got my Live 10 beta… so will be having fun later today !)


Maybe this is worth discussing here or possibly in another thread related to the “workflow” thread I’m looking forward to.

Would love to know other folks’ thoughts on a complimentary DAW to Live.


It’s all very true for people who bought live 9.0, a little less for those who bought it a few months ago and are charged right back if they want those improvements, and I’m always surprised with those updates that there’s no discount if you just bought Live (or any other software for that matter). It only works to mention several years of upgrade and care if you effectively enjoyed them. And as you mentionned, Live 10 feels a bit like Live 9.5 except this time around it’s 200$. Once again, it just feel like it’s a better deal for long time users than for the newly converted. Which is okay really.


I’m using Reaper as a secondary DAW when doing sound design work for games. In that case I use Ableton to quickly generate a lot of sounds that I name and render (using consolidate). Then in Reaper I have files with all the sounds effects to render for the game. I can layer and process sounds there, then I use the render matrix to make all the files in one go.

I guess that if I keep learning Reaper I will find more use cases.


Now that the dust has settled a bit and ive had time to think about things ( fired up that bitwig demo and yeah surprise i wasnt enjoying it heh)I reckon this is a pretty decent update. If they just let me adjust the clip volume on the waveform like you can with fades it would be pretty perfectly what ive desired.


agreed, these things happen… its a bit of luck. (I’ve seen all the same complaints re: reason 10, cubase 9.0 , BWS)
I guess if your a new user, the hope is that they will follow a similar release schedule for Live 10.x, but there is no guarantee of that.

anyway, had a quick play with the Beta… my initial impressions are wow!
as others have mentioned, all the changes seem to point to the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

the Push 2 midi clips, in particular are, for me, a massive improvement. now you can see the overview of notes in the clip, it makes using things like the sequencer much more intuitive, since you have the oversight needed… and theres some tiny little touches, like holding down a pad in the sequencer will zoom
you in.

Capture, I need to play with this more, but this has huge potential - I’ve used a pedal in the past, so I can have my hands on the keyboard, but capture may be easier, and its great it can be activated from the push.

Visualisations of Eq8, how have I lived without this? :wink:
(wavetable synth, looks pretty but not tried it yet)

In 9.x the Push 2’s display felt great, but a little under-utilised , now I think we can see where Ableton are going - my bets are, Push2/Live is heading into Maschine territory, where the computer is out of sight, out of mind … well thats my hope anyway.

that said, one thing they still need to improve, is the integration of VSTs with Push, allow user customisation like PrEditor.


That’s basically how I work (not for sound design as well). Live is used to generate musical ideas, and then later I export them and do the final arrangement and mixing in Reaper.