Ableton Live 10


Will it mirror the settings/plugins/folder mappings of my current version or will I need to set that up? Not a huge deal - I probably don’t need most of it just messing around until the official release.


It mirrors everything, even some of the visual settings actually! (except the theme because they’re different, with more straightforward terms now like “light” “dark” instead of the funnier but more confusing “disco” “clouds” etc.)


Thanks! Sounds good, I’ll give it a go tomorrow if I find the time. I guess the main difference with Live 10 is the Max integration, and so that it may run smoother? Can’t say I’ve had to much trouble with that in the first place, but then again I haven’t noodling too much with M4L other than the plugins/patches that follows with suite + a couple of instruments/effects.


I’ve had loads of issues with M4L patches sooooo we’ll see! I really hope it IS smoother now that some version of Max 8 is integrated into Live 10, it would be a relief for Live use. I was also hoping there would be tighter integration and CPU management with multicore CPUs but it seems there’s been no improvement there so… Once again, I’m paying for this update and the future updates too, that’s how I see it :slight_smile:


It’s now in public beta.


Maybe I should read the 125 previous posts again before writing this, but I don’t have much time these days, so please excuse me if it’s already been answered…

Can I update to Live 10 Standard version AND Max For Live (with Max 8) without getting Live 10 Suite ? I do not need all the other items (instruments, FX, samples…) taking real estate in my hdd and getting rid of what I don’t need is often time consuming…


I think you can, but for me the price difference was worth upgrading. (I have not downloaded the soundpacks, only core Suite instruments)


I would love that.

I hear you, but all I use is Live’s “basic frame” (mainly in session view), Max For Live (for the LOM) and Reaktor (for everything else), so I’d be happy to save a few bucks AND not overpopulate my computer memory!


For the sample packs, you can actually download only what you need :slight_smile: I have Suite but I didn’t download most of the packs.


I’d note that Live Suite is modular. You only need to install the packs and components you want. So the core suite version isn’t that much larger than the standard version, disk-wise, if you don’t install any packs.

And I’m not at all sure that the M4L features are unlocked in standard even if you own the full Max - it’s a separate license and a separate engine in Live 10. I’d definitely check with Ableton tech support on this before deciding what to purchase.


I had a whole lot of fun messing around with the wavetable “grunge pad” preset (can’t remember the exact name of the preset right this second) as a starting point, as well as the echo device. Couldn’t get named i/o to work to actually save and persist, and the wavetable device didn’t show up in the demo song when first opening 10, but other than that, it seems pretty stable.

EDIT: also Echo is great and I remember when I first put it on the chain, I had the feeling that it definitely captures what I like about my RE-20 pedal. The noise and mod wobble is really pleasant.


Fwiw in my experience on macOS 10.11 I/o naming has worked without issue throughout the closed beta.


I am fairly certain you cannot do this, or that it wouldn’t make financial sense to do it. The normal upgrade price (disregarding the current discount before Live 10’s release) would be $229 to upgrade to Live 10 Standard and $99 to ‘crossgrade’ Max for Live, presuming you already have a Max license. The update to Live 10 Suite is $299, so it seems it wouldn’t make sense to do it that way.

As others have mentioned, just don’t download the stuff you don’t want :slight_smile:


hmm computer I tried it on was 10.11 as well. I’ll try isolating a reproduction scenario and uploading a ticket if I can figure out what was up.


Nice to hear some feedback and both the wavetable synth and the echo effect! Looking forward to play around with those, especially the echo stuff! What about the new drum effect plugin? Any thoughts on that?


I didn’t play around with it last night, but I just purchased the everything-from-Samples-from-Mars sale and so have a lot of drum samples I want to play around with now. Hopefully I will make some time this weekend and will be able to explore. If so, I’ll let you know my impressions.


This is an interesting point of view, and a valid one!

You’re right, I forgot that part. This will make the process easier then.

That is exactly the kind of info I was seeking while writing my post.

I’ll have to take that into account, indeed!
Thank you for doing the math.

A long time ago I purchased Live 9 Standard and Max For Live separately (and since then I use them every single day), and I also have a Max 7 “standalone” licence for other works, so the Live 10 Suite bundle did not seem very appealing to me at first…
I see more clearly now.

Out of curiosity, I would appreciate to be sure about the “M4L exclusive to Live 10 Suite” thing.


The Ableton website does not tick the M4L for the Standard edition, so I think that M4L will be just for Suite Users, without consideration of the Max License :confused:


I would recommend emailing Ableton directly rather than asking here if you’re concerned, but I would be pretty surprised if Ableton made Max for Live exclusive to Suite owners.

M4L licenses work in the same way as licenses for Operator, Collision, Sampler, etc: they’re included in Suite, but if you buy them as individual Packs then you can continue to use them after upgrading to future versions of Live.

I bought Max for Live on its own back when I had Live 8 Standard: when I upgraded to Live 9 Standard, Max for Live continued to work in exactly the same way as before. The same was true for Operator, which I also purchased standalone. If I’ve understood you correctly, you’re trying to do exactly the same thing from 9 to 10, right?

As I say, I’d probably just email Ableton for an answer but I reckon you’ll be fine.


I arn the Beta yesterday for a few hours and i have decided to try BitWig for a year. After almost 4 years we get a Wavetable synth? I will stick with my 9 setups and all the fancy M4Ls i have made or bought in 9 and freeze t there for a while.