Ableton Live 10


I haven’t tried the beta yet, but the upgrade does seem a bit expensive. I upgraded from Live 8 Standard to Live 9 Suite in November of 2013 for US$ 239.00, which is now the same price they quote (with the pre-order discount) to upgrade from Live 9 Suite to Live 10 Suite.


The absence of love for Suits users is what surprises me most, other than that I think what they assume is you upgrade not only for this update but for all the major updates they’ll release over the next years, which, if it’s anything like Live 9, will be valuable. I’m using Able10 right now for a bigger project and I’ll see how much better all the little improvements have been, they certainly deal with issues I’ve had for years with Ableton 9.


I purchased Live 9 Suite in June 2017. When 10 was announced, I saw something on Ableton’s site which made me wonder if I would get to upgrade to Live 10 Suite for free.

I can’t find that now.

Will Live 10 upgrade be free for current Live 9 Suite owners?


No it’s 200€/$, unless you bought it after Live 10 was announced in which case upgrade is free, if you bought it 6 months before well… Too bad. I know how you feel.


That’s so frustrating and disappointing.


I thought like that at first and unfortately I think that’s quite okay. Whenever they’d have set the limit date of free update with the purchase, people who would have bought them prior to that would have felt that was unfair, so … They have to put a limit in time, they did it, and whatever that limit would be, there always would have been people that bought it days/weeks prior to that date. That’s sad, but the buy now/free upgrade thing is quite nice, and that would have put people on the side of the road however.

I found that better than the Sonar users that bought the software weeks before he was totally discontinued :confused:


the only solution I can think of that would be “better” (but way more complicated) is some sort of calculated discount based on how long ago one bought their license, such as 100% discount for up to a month prior, and 1% less per day prior to that or some such thing.

There’s a thrift store near me that operates on a similar principle. Full price, then discounted 1% per day until the item is sold or you can get it for free (or virtually so).


I am hoping (hoping) that 10.1 is the stable platform that allows subsequent releases to be a bit more daring.

Ableton 10 is pretty cautious for a integer release ( i might have just made that term up…) but if it was the necessary pruning and repotting that makes subsequent stuff easier, then I am seeing the upgrade fee as paying for the bonuses delivered with 10.1 onwards.

The killer will be if thats all on the roadmap for 11.0 and I just paid £240 for a wavetable synth and a new metronome.


no love for the new wavetable synth?

had a quick go the other night and I was blown away by the results when scrubbing around wave tables. not that I need a new software synth in my life right now.


I’ve been playing with the beta. I haven’t found it to be a hugely significant upgrade - the most noticeable change to me is the 60fps rendering which improves the feel of the program a lot. It’s a big enough difference that I don’t really want to go back live 9 after the beta.

Here is a quick track I made using the new wavetable synth. Its fun to work with and lets you do a lot of the weird modulation stuff that I’ve often found tricky with soft synths. It also slows my (quite old) computer to a crawl.


Was able to play around with it some this weekend. The changes to the arrangement view make it easier to manipulate clips on the fly. The volume envelope handles are nice as well. I also especially LOVE the I/O naming but I realize this has been a long time coming. The “favorites” feature in the browser window is very helpful but especially for dealing with the loads of UA plugins that I don’t own yet - I can simply favorite the ones I do. I suppose there are other ways to deal with this but this is very elegant, indeed. I wanted a “enable/disable all” feature for audio ins and outs but I believe that all ins and outs are enabled by default now (which is fine by me as I’m rarely disabling). Edit: this is not the case.

Still need to play around with track groupings.

I’ve got a bit of sticker shock over the upgrade price - especially since I’m a Suite user. I honestly don’t use ITB instruments all that much and would be fine saving some money if I could just get the usability enhancements. To me, this feels more like they finally finished the product than an all new “version”.


I’ve been trying the Ableton 10 Beta, since the deadline to upgrade at the discounted rate is tomorrow.

Besides the ability to edit grouped MIDI tracks, there doesn’t seem to be that much useful stuff to me. I purchased the Suite edition in the past, for Operator and Sampler, but the Wavetable synth is kind of underwhelming without being able to import your own wavetables. The new delay effect is cool but there are already a ton of great delay effects out there.

They advertised better Max4Live integration, and it seems they tweaked the GUI elements to be the same as the native Live GUI elements, but they still feel separate. For example, why are Max4Live MIDI effects still in a separate folder / category from the built-in MIDI effects. Why does editing a Max4Live device still require the device to freeze and be loaded in the separate Max program for editing.


I remember that during the Ableton meeting I attended (prior to the official announcement of Live 10), the Ableton representative that was demoing Live 10 mentioned that they already had more features schedule for the upcoming point releases.


FYI, if you pre-order the upgrade today they don’t actually charge you; apparently they will send you a link for payment when the software is released. I doubt it could hurt to go ahead and pre-order and just never pay / get the software if you decide for sure it’s not worth it. Not sure how much time you get to make the final purchase, or when the most recent beta expires…


I think I am going to go ahead and preorder/purchase. I was kind of on the fence but in the end, I know I will eventually want the most current version. This is likely one of the cheapest times it will be offered. Admittedly, I’m not super excited about it but will try to look at it as a down payment for many more years of enhancements. I might keep my main rig running Live 9 and simply hold Live 10 on a secondary system for now. Dumb question: will the beta cease to work after tomorrow?


They’ve said it will continue to work “for a bit” as long as it’s installed & authorised.


I have Live 9 Standard and bought M4L and Sampler because I don’t want all the stock sounds. Looking at the feature comparison if I upgrade to 10 (not suite) there really doesn’t seem to be a whole lot I actually get other than a few grouping & editing extras.

Am I missing something?


I missed the preorder because I wasn’t really paying attention to the release date, and I’m now getting sticker shock on the price. This is why historically I’ve skipped every other version, as I’ve never found each update compelling enough on it’s own. I guess I’ll play around with the beta some more before making a decision…


You know I keep forgetting but Capture is really a neat tool for working with MIDI. Its not worth the price of admission but is certainly a process-flow improvement. And I do really love the I/O naming - should have had this a long time ago but I think its going to improve my experience. Its a good start to justifying why I just spent the money.


seriously! i can’t believe how long that took…i made the jump to bitwig a few days ago and that one feature was such a breath of fresh air.