Ableton Live 10


I do wonder if they had simply worked in the process refinements (I/O naming, grouping, note chasing, and browser collections to name a few) as a 9.8 update and rolled out the new instruments, and new look and feel with 10 if people would generally be happier with the iteration. I think its the perception of paying a relatively steep price for low-brow improvements that over shadow all the other new things they rolled out. This way, all the hype is purely on the new “stuff” and not so much the perceived “fixes”.


As a suite owner I’m not impressed at all by the new features and upgrade price. If it wasn’t for M4L I’d be looking elsewhere

Talking of it - are the claimed Max for Live performance increases apparent? Has anyone (here or elsewhere online) done any tests?


i’m not entirely sure how well it works now that it’s “integrated”.

can anyone chime in who’ve used Live 10…does M4L devices boot more quickly?


There was this statement put out by C74:

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It would be nice to see some test stats or something concrete though… Might convince me!


They definitely boot more quickly from my experience! M4L doesn’t need to start with the first instance anymore. It it already running when live has booted.


Any CPU gains?


The upgrade price for suite was only $249 CAD for me (around $200 USD). That’s the price of two nice plugins. The echo and wavetable alone are worth it for me, and the browser improvements are also really nice and sorely needed.


I should have just jumped on the preorder: $249 is much easier to swallow than $349. Then again I bought bitwig a few months ago so perhaps I will just focus on that for a while…


After spending some time with it I really think those who missed on the preorder / upgrade discount offer should just wait calmly for the next black friday or whatever discount to get live 10, which will present the double advantage of 1/ not having to spend the steepest price for an update that’s mainly workflow improvements, which, while long overdue and pretty well done didn’t radically change my vision of what live is : most likely you were just fine with live “9.7.5” 6 months ago, and it won’t be another year before we see the benefit of M4L internal overhaul and the abandon of the 32bits architecture. 2/ I guess at that point it will be 10.something so you’ll probably get more for less.

Just a quick edit for @_mark

I have noticed approximatively 0 CPU again. So maybe there is some, and I’d love to see hard numbers for how much that was improved, but with the heavy sessions I’ve used to compare between Live 9 and Live 10 including a lot of M4L devices, the change was not noticeable.


I couldn’t agree more. I also love how they’ve evolved Push 2 and especially love Capture.


My Macbook Pro can’t be upgraded beyond OS 10.11, which is the current minimum for Live 10. I don’t know whether Ableton has a history of changing system requirements for point releases – I wouldn’t want to spend so much to upgrade from Live 9 Suite if they no longer support my computer midway through the Live 10 lifecycle. (For example, Native Instruments changed system requirements more than once for point releases of Reaktor 5.)

In any case, Live 9 should be able to serve me well for many years to come.


I hear you.

Sometimes the question I happen to ask myself regarding such decisions is :
Why change if it just works ?


During the pre-order period I took the opportunity to upgrade from Live 8 to Live 9 + 10. I am glad that I did. Perhaps even slightly regretful that I didn’t also upgrade from Standard to Suite. Live 8 didn’t scale so well on my Retina display so Live 10 is a definite visual improvement. Live 10 looks great to me. I didn’t participate in the beta so I haven’t really made music with it, but I’m definitely looking forward to several improvements that came in Live 9 and 10 – like audio to MIDI and multi-clip MIDI editing.


What’s the chance that Ableton 10 will help me make better music, or more music than working with Ableton 9? Will it dramatically change my workflow? I can’t say yes to any of these, so there’s no reason to upgrade. At least not with what’s currently on offer for 10.


I should have upgraded. I’ll have to wait for a sale now.

Just saw a few demo videos. I don’t have M4L; the upgrade pricing with M4L integrated was totally worth it. I could see those MIDI trigger modulations easily becoming a staple of my workflow.


This the general feeling of the thread, I think. However, for me specifically: I want I/O naming really badly. I’ve got 34 channels of I/O and it does save me a lot of time to be able to label what they are IN the DAW. I know other DAWs do this. I hate having to pay for it. But I’m probably going to save a lot of time. This will keep me from jumping down a “setup” rabbit hole every time I want to patch in some hardware.


The improvements in the arrange view are a big boost from what’s available in Live 9. It doesn’t really give you any new capabilities, but it certainly makes for a better workflow and a lot more efficient editing.


new life to my Push2… and the capture function is really useful


Real life version of the Ableton Live 10 promo video :slight_smile:


I bought it cause i teach it but if it crashes as much as 9 did i am gonna be smacking someone on the face