Ableton live 9 & livecontrol ported to serialosc

so I’m not sure if ST8 is still around on the new forum, or if he is still interested in maintaining the monome aspect of livecontrol (since the iPad took off so well) but last I remember reading on the old forum was that he had hoped to make it compatible with serialosc.

does anyone know if this has happened? I thought I may have missed it, as I switched to pages for a while, but have decided that livecontrol more suits my needs.

currently, I’m using monomebridge to connect to the IAC ports in livecontrol. it works for the most part in live 9.1.8, but I have only thoroughly tested the clip launcher, track control, and scaled keyboard.

any help, recommendations, or alternatives are welcomed!

I’m afraid I don’t know anything as to if it’s coming, just wanted to express my interest! Livecontrol was a real go-to for me for a long time, maybe I should give monome bridge a go though…


Where do I start? Live 9.5 and Push 2 out had me curious to this again - are Livecontrol and monome Bridge the places to start still - they don’t seem to have had much development done to them for some time? Anything else for general workflow enhancements using a Grids with Live I should already have tried?

Terms was recently released as a live pack for Ableton (which makes it SUPER easy to install) and includes quite a few useful tools to interface a grid to Ableton.
With that being said, I’m still using livecontrol through monome bridge. The “launchd” live pack doesn’t include solo/arm controls which I use extensively in the studio. It does however give you polygomé and flin for composition and creative arpeggiations.

check it: terms