Ableton Live 9 localhost files?

Long story short. Ableton was acting weird and crashing badly while I was playing around with grainfields. I noticed all these localhost files were opening with Ableton.

I used carbon copy cloner and went back to what I thought was a stable setup from a month ago. All the localhost files still open with Ableton though. I don’t remember ever seeing them before.

I haven’t reinstalled grainfields yet to see if Ableton will still crash badly from it. These localhost files seem weird I can’t find any info on how to get them to go away so far.

Anyone have any insight on them?

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:fearful: Spurious localhost files smell like malware to me. They are used to redirect innocent software into contacting bad servers for common sites since it overrides DNS lookups.

It would be safe to view one of them from a shell or a plain text editor. If they contain names of sites and IP addresses other than ‘localhost’ and ‘’ - be very wary.

Thanks for the info @mzero. I would like to view them but I can’t at this point. Not sure where they actually are and I can’t open them from the Ableton icon in the dock. I did run a terminal command to check the localhost directory and that looks normal.

I also have a few local host files, and I was curious as to what they are and why they are there. Using ableton, pages, re:mix, and dj64.

I have ten localhost files that open every time I open Ableton. I also tried this to reset live. No change.

I have one too.
mine crashes occasionally .
I didn’t see this before.

For what it is worth I noticed the dock menu for Max 7 contains several entries for a “localhost” file while my Live 9 dock menu lacks “localhost” entires. I suspect that this it probably a problem with Max and that Live only exhibits this behavior if M4L is used (something I don’t use all that often).

Updated to Sierra from El Capitan. Updated to Max 7.3.1.

Still have the same Ableton localhost files
Also have many localhost files on the Max dock icon.
Perhaps it they are supposed to be there after all? I don’t know.

Will be trying to crash Ableton shortly with grainfields.