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Ableton just released an announcement for Live 10. Skimming through the changes it looks pretty promising. The most exciting bits for me are the integrated wavetable synth, and max4live not being a separate download/install. I’ve always felt that it was a clumsy integration that max4live wouldn’t load when live started and the versions weren’t tied together. I’m sure the amount of live users that actually develop max4live ‘plugins’ isn’t super high, but if the integration is a bit tighter people might start using patches other people release. New effects look pretty cool, but don’t seem quite as ground breaking. Curious what other folks think about the announcement!


It’s very exciting but after thinkin it over today, I’ll wait

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I pre-ordered. I’m pretty much all-in on most things Ableton is up to. More stable/faster M4L alone was worth it for me, but I’m also really excited about Capture, the drum synths, named channels, everything really. Stoked.


And finally native multichannel…

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ugh. glad they finally caved on renaming your I/O, but seriously, how did that small fix take ten generations to add? how about an improvement on the notoriously bad stem printing and summing algorithm? if you’re going to improve push2, why don’t they start with improving the horrible cpu & power spike problems associated with it’s display? while I’m talking cpu spikes, how about they finally improve their use of threading and multi-core processing to avoid their terrible cpu spikes (esp. on macs)? and they STILL DON’T HAVE PLAYLISTING. ughghghghgh


definitely happier about not having m4l as a separate download. besides the huge graphical improvements for my push2, i’m really happy to see that live is no longer filtering out midi sysex–at least not within m4l. now i can finally get some parameter automation and recall on my juno106 and ax60.


I KINDA hope the M4L integration will tame the CPU spikes a bit when a session’s loaded with a few of them (and that’s just around 5 or 6 of them I think) because really it’s something I cannot make sense out of, everything’s just fine, I’m not pushing my computer in any way, and it just goes up for no apparent reason. This being said it always was more of a M4L thing, when I remove those, it tends to go back to being pretty much ok, but I love M4L plugins and they kind of make the whole Ableton experience to my eyes, so I really hope this is much tighter now that it’s integrated, and that it’s not just “we hid the old M4L installer inside the main ableton one”.

Overall, a lot of GREAT things in this update. No playlisting, no tighter video integration (!!! I mean, I thought this was the whole point of moving to 64bit only so I really can’t grasp why they didn’t implement that better), and no improvement to the cc editing is mind boggling, but I’ll still update because Ableton Live is where I spend most of my time and it’s worth it.

200€ pre-order pricing is super steep though, wasn’t expecting that (+ I upgraded to Live 9 last year so that’s tough…)


Is it too blasphemous to espouse my love of Bitwig and all the work those guys have done for integration with modular synths?


How do you deal with this? Do you sum OTB?

I agree about the I/O renaming. Also excited about Capture. What a great simple feature. Let’s see how fiddly it is in reality…

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I’m happy with v9. The upgrade seems pricey. So it’s a wait and see for me.


I love Bitwig. I also love Max for Live. So my love is divided. I could actually list amazing features that are completely unique to every DAW…

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I have an ssl x desk that I sum through mostly, or if I’m finishing a mix at another studio I usually end up being talked into stemming out my mix and putting it in protools.


I thought the infamous summing algorythm improved a lot in Live 9 or was I dreaming when I read that?

Seems like no MPE support still - boo.


Welp. Was literally just talking earlier today about how I wanted an X-Desk but was going to have to wait a while. Your reply didn’t help my patience.

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to be fair it is much better than it used to be, although the low end still has a lot of room for improvement. but it’s still bad enough that engineers won’t switch to it from protools, which in my opinion is good at being a computer version of a tape machine and bad at being a creative tool to make music with. the stem printing issue is the bigger one for me, I had to switch from their built in stem printing function to doing them individually to avoid the weird phase & bass response issues I (and my pals) have had.

I have exactly the same workflow, which is super over fucking tiring, never using ableton stems export, and always use Protools as a “recorder”, and also my main mixing software for these reasons (and also because it’s the workflow I know the best)

Edit: Exactly the same workflow minus the SSL XDesk, but now I want one, so I’m gonna go cry alone in front of my shitty mixer.

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yes, “native” multichannel will be so much fun.

What’s the problem with exporting stems from Ableton? First I’ve heard of it.


I always thought this was an urban legend. But i do trust your judgment. It’s just that i never used anything else to record and mix for the last 10 years. I do not really grasp the why and how to work around it.
I don’t get what would be the workflow when you compose/record in Live and mix on PT or sum via a mixing desk.
Really curious about it.