Ableton Loop 2018 - L.A

Anyone going to be at Loop this weekend?

Last year was amazing, been looking forward to this since then, really.

With this thread, let’s try to meet up over the weekend, organize/recommend which talks and workshops to attend, and discuss general info, updates, and discussion for the event.


I wish!!

Maybe next year…

I’ll be in LA this weekend (usually NYC-based) but not going to Loop, just hanging out :slight_smile:

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I’ll also be in LA this weekend just hanging if anyone’s doing anything. My wife’s band is playing at the masonic lodge Friday and Saturday! hoping to be able to sneak into LOOP for at least a couple talks.

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And just an FYI - Ableton set up a Facebook group as well to stay up to date on doings.

I’m hosting a sampling challenge at Loop! Seeing what different minds will create using the same source material as a starting point. Submissions happen online so you don’t need to be there in person to participate, as long as you have a bit of time to work on it on Friday (sample announced at noon PST and submissions due by midnight). More info here:

Also as an invited guest I’m not allowed to sign up for workshops and such hah so I’ll be floating around and ready to nerd out about music :slight_smile:


Looking forward to the sampling challenge! Should be a lot of fun to compare submissions and get a glimpse into different production perspectives.

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You related to Mountain Man? I am very eager to see them. Their wonderful recordings are among my favorites. Got tickets for Friday.

I’ll be at Loop for the three days.

What a weekend!

Friday, my whole day is largely spoken for by Open Source Modular Design, and I’m commuting from an hour or two away, so I probably won’t be able to participate in Andrew’s sample challenge. I am at least planning to attend that panel, though.

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Oh wow, I wish all Loop-attendees a great time!
Having been to the two last Loop-events in Funkhaus, Berlin I’m sort of green with envy. It doesn’t help that my social media-feeds are cluttered with Loop-excitement.

(I did win a ticket in the lottery, but turned it down out of climate/CO2-concerns for my transatlantic flight … I need to say this to feel better :wink: )


It was great! To bad I didn’t see this before hand. I had fun and way the sample challenge had over 800 entries way cool!!