Ableton Loop 2021

Just curious if anyone else has signed up for the online Loop event this coming weekend.

I’m particularly interested in the workshop on recording with the Lo-Fi mics built into every day devices…

Some day I really hope to get to an in-person Loop…


Yes, I signed up last week. I’m also very interested by this Lofi mic and sampling workshop. I think that’s a topic they already approached in their « One thing » series.

I’m wondering if Live will be discounted for the occasion. I need to update to Live 11 to enjoy the new probability features. I’m already familiar with Live 11, I was part of the beta, but I’m looking forward to installing it on my new mini M1.


Sure, I’m in. :smiley:
I’ll try to take part in as much as I can. You never know what you pick up. I’ve been to Loop twice and had a ticket for the last one that got cancelled in 2020. (kicking myself for not going to LA).

Overall there seems to be a big focus on field recordings. Nice!

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Registered and very much looking forward to it!


Registered and printed the “do not disturb” sign for my office/studio. Looking forward to it.


Hope you had a great time! I misunderstood the schedule and never managed to participate due to family obligations (midsummer celebrations). :crying_cat_face:


Never been to a Loop event irl but yeah I really enjoyed this one. Lots of interactions with other people in the chat, that was cool. Loop Cafe was a great idea but I don’t have a mic and webcam so I didn’t attend it but the suggested conversation topics were interesting. :slight_smile:


I had a great time. Some highlights for me were the Spitfire Labs talk on creating instruments from field recordings, and the interview with KMRU.

Also the workshop on mics in everyday devices, which were mostly iPhones…

And a lot of nice conversations.

I really appreciate Ableton’s efforts at education in a way that goes beyond a denominational insistence on being a Live user. Clearly these efforts support Live users, but have a broader applicability that grow the community of music makers in general. Much like what monome has done with lines…

Ableton’s efforts at diversity and global reach are also appreciated…

All in all a day well spent!


For me, Ableton still stands out from the community of DAW manufacturers.

  1. Good support
  2. An open interface to creative coding solutions with MAX / MSP
  3. Educational efforts in relation to music theory and synthesis and
  4. Community building with events like Loop or Loop_online …
    respect …

@eblomquist I attended both talks and enjoyed them, we could have had a talk at the loop_cafe. maybe an other time …


I’ll schedule some euro-friendly zoom hangouts for the LiveHive group…

Speaking of which, for anyone interested in Ableton (and a bit of Ableton-adjacent stuff), I have a little private google group that I would love to invite Lines folk to join. PM me your email address and a brief introduction as well as your real name and I’ll be happy to add you.

We have occasional zoom hangouts and some email exchanges, so it’s not overwhelming or anything. I hope it’s a nice addition to community…

Several lines folks are already joined…