Ableton & M4L Monome patches

Is there a location that hosts the M4L/Ableton amxd/patches in one place?
I would love to survey a bunch of them since i am teaching an audio design course with ableton this semester
I have found a few but i was wondering if there was a spot that housed all of them

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Can’t tell right now where I found them, but I’ve uploaded my collection for you. Most of them work, some don’t (at least for me)

You can expect those files:

monome (2.0 MB)


Good question! Here are some devices I developed some time ago. Also look into @elquinto’s m4l suite and re:mix.

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THANK YOU both Very much. So kind

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So I am digging out this brief old thread to ask, if anybody here is still working with Grid/Arc, Ableton and M4L patches.

There is this beautiful list @github ‘monome apps for arc and grid’ but a lot of these patches are outdated and won’t work anymore.

Then there is this thread here on lines ‘Old Monomeserial and M4L apps’ but same here…

I think it would absolutely be worth it to post some status quo if people still use M4L patches and which ones they use.

Hope all of you are safe and well out there!

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I am! :blush:
Grid 256, newer arc4. I use presscafe a lot during composition, arc rhythm generator, just found arp control as an amxd and can’t even find out where I got it from (all the googling in the world only found max patches). Some times obo but that one crashes Live a lot.
Mark eats clips for transitioning from pattern to arrangement (so my posting from the last couple of days in the thread about it).
A couple of others, but nothing from the top of my head (on phone right now).
What do you use, or what doesn’t work anymore?