Ableton Midi Controller

Hey folks, I’m running into a little conundrum. I have an Analog Four and some modules that I would like to play in a live setting. The problem is figuring out how to do that. I can send Midi directly from Ableton Live to all the midi channels on the a4 which includes the cv channels. However I’d like a middle man to play clips and midi message to both the A4 and eurorack. I’d consider the Hermod, but the analog four uses 8 channels, and I’m looking to have more cv control… SO. is there a device with a midi to CV converter, MIDI In and MIDI out capabilities, and a usb port for device and host that can send midi to more than 16 channels??

Each logical MIDI port is limited to 16 channels by the MIDI spec, though a physical device may implement more than one logical port. I would look into the Expert Sleepers FH-2, which is a MIDI to CV converter with USB host and device (and has an expander for DIN MIDI ports as well).

with the FH-2, the midi path would look like this right?

Laptop > Audio Interface > Analog Four with MIDI IN and MIDI OUT
Analog Four USB> FH-2 USB Host
APC40> USB device

If I used the Polyend Poly, I’d be able to send Midi from the MIDI thru on the A4 to the Polyend and still be able to control it with the APC through the MIDI Host. I think that how it would work.

The FH-2 can be connected directly to your computer, or host one of your devices (the A4 or the APC40). To host both the A4 and the APC40 you would have to use a USB hub. But, you could also just directly connect the FH-2, APC40 and A4 to your laptop over USB, if a laptop is involved. Each of those three USB midi connections would then have 16 channels available on each.

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