Ableton Push specification

Not sure if anyone else has seen this around, but Ableton has published documentation on how to program the Push beyond its normal uses.

I haven’t had a chance to read through it completely, yet, but from a quick glance, it seems pretty thorough, and pretty interesting.

Anyone else had a look or found anything interesting in it?


Yes, it’s super cool that they’ve done it. Some of the stuff had already been figured out, but kudos to them for being so open.

I’ve created a ticket to request a similar document for Push 1, as far as I can tell it’s pretty similar to the MIDI bits of the Push 2, but it would be great to have an official document.


Good news for VST users, hopefully some VST makers will take note.
Perhaps Ableton will do the work of porting Granulator II to Push 2, its such a no-brainer for the Push interface/oled.