Ableton Sequencers

Hey people!
Let’s start a thread about sequecing in Ableton.

But as a starting point, here’s my situation: I am currently rethinking my approach with modular synth and considering sequencing directly in Ableton Live. Do you guys have any recommendations? I would like to find something not so standard, maybe semi-genrative?

Would prefer M4L devices over plugins.



You can of course sequence via the MIDI piano roll.

For more generative / abstract style, I like the new creative extensions sequencer


and of course @stretta stuff

I’m also a big fan of isotonik arcade series stuff


Great topic - There’s a nice euclidean rhythm m4l sequencer who’s name escapes me, and a few rene-esque ones.

Also, feel like there’s tons of exciting things that can be done with just MIDI clips + randomized follow actions and clip envelopes!


Thank you! Will dig more into these. The new Sequencer from Ableton Creative Extensions led me to this desire of more “in the box” sequecing.

It’s polyrhythmus and it was made by @benniii


Not a sequencer per se but I’ll add my favourite (modular) trick of the moment, which is to combine a sequence from Ableton (might just be a root note bassline progression) with a sequence from the modular using a precision adder, then running that sequence into a quantizer. The result is a sequence that follows a song progression, but with the ability to add little flourishes over the top in hardware while staying in key. I find software sequence backbones embellished with adders and logic modules super fun to play.


Rene style:

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I’m using it since yesterday and it’s inspiring :slight_smile:

Session view is really fun for sequencing! The follow actions (especially if you use the probability thingy) make for some really interesting options for creating almost mlr-style loops that you can jump around inside!


Is it appropriate to also discuss hardware to bridge the gap between Live and modular here?

I’ve been very interested in some of the Expert Sleepers stuff to do just that for Live (and Reaktor) sequencing and am curious about others folks’ experience with USB MIDI -> CV and similar modules.

Session view sequencing:


Patter is a really nice, simple to use, M4L sequencer.


Maybe also worth pointing out here that Live Packs are 25% off until the 28th.

I actually just released a new M4L “sequencer” today called ACDGEN.

It’s not a sequencer but a 16th note / acid-style bassline / melody generator. I’d say it fits within @maxijazz’s wish for something semi-generative. I designed it based on my experience playing live sets for the past years and, while it’s inspired by other devices such as Skinnerbox’s STING, it includes a bunch of more advanced features (7 different algorithms, automatic pattern variation, pattern shifter, export to midi clip, and more).
I definitely developed it with live performance in mind but it’s really useful for music production as well.

Here’s the blog post I wrote that constains all the info about it:

Product page:
Video demo:


Wow those isotonik devices look ace thanks for the link

It must be just me…I’ve never been able to get this sequencer to work!

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anyone know if any of these (or others) have proper Push2 support?

the Ableton one is ok, but its not its strongest point… however, given its hands-on nature with the Push2 makes it the only one I ever bother with.

It’s me who actually programmed Renome and I really hope to find some time to get back to it. I had massive fun for the only show for which I developed it.

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I built a generative sequencer based on the classic Sev max patch. Made sure it was playable as possible with Push, and it’s been tons of fun as a collaborator in my jams.