Ableton Splice

@giftculture and I have been using Ableton Splice to collaborate on our Equinox duet and I thought I’d share a few thoughts:

Splice is occasionally brilliant but there definitely has been overhead involved in developing a good workflow. If you want everyone involved to have the maximum ability to make edits, then if someone uses a Suite feature, you both need Suite, if someone uses a third party plugin, then you both need that third party plugin, and so on. The alternative is to “freeze” things but then there is a lot less control over them and it puts admin overhead onto the person who has more plugins because they need to manage their own modifiable version of the frozen section and also provide updated versions of the freeze to the other person. We found a happy medium where I bought a couple plugins that I had been thinking about getting and we used freezes elsewhere so I didn’t have to buy All The Things.

Keeping all of the Expert Sleepers configs was a bit fiddly. We both have ES modules and on this project used them for audio in and clock out when we were initially creating sounds in our synth racks. Live sometimes gets a little confused if it doesn’t see all of the external interfaces plugged in so I would often have to fix my config every time I opened the project. This was not a big issue but could be an annoyance.

We recorded from our racks into the Live track and shared that with Splice. After midway through the project we both naturally jumped straight into producing directly in Live. We didn’t discuss this but I think it was because we knew there would be a lot of overhead involved in introducing more Eurorack after we’d already done some arranging, mixing, and effects inside of Live. I’m interested in experimenting with more sophisticated uses of Expert Sleepers as part of a shared project in the future but it will take some careful coordination.

The last half of the project was completed almost entirely in Live. Some of this was finishing and arranging that is most easily done in Live, but we also ended up bringing in a couple of software instruments where I probably would have reached for a modular instrument for on a solo project that didn’t have the extra overhead involved with sharing via Splice.

I definitely want to explore using Splice in this way in the future. It gives a huge amount of power to a remote musical collaborators as long as you’re able to work out a good process.


I’d love to try this sometime, if anybody is interested in collaborating, please let me know.


Very interested here. The Duets project piqued my interest in collaboration, but the logistics didn’t work out for us.

My current limitation is that I have Live 9 (Suite) and Max 7 and don’t expect to be able to upgrade for a while.


I’m interested in learning more about this

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I use splice backup for my ableton output and love it.

Would also be up for more collab! Our duet project with @jwhiles coming soon.