Ableton update and push 2

the new simpler and sampler/ oh my days!
the through mode could be mlr ish.

makes me wonder : did they expose the slices in the API ?

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it looks great

i wonder if you can sample to the push and make something skeletal away from the app

I am most excited about RMS levels on the meters hahaha.

Push 2 looks insanely gorgeous, though.


Just sold my Push 1 about 2 weeks ago.
Talk about good timing.
I’ll let Push 2 simmer a bit.
Too many controllers over here anyway.

I had the exact same moment this morning. Shiny excitement fighting minimalism… Do I need all that kit on my person?

Nope: it’s still exactly the same as Push 1 - a rich controller for a piece of desktop software, and the desktop software is powering the UI on Push. There’s no audio whatsoever inside it, and you can’t do anything with it without a computer. (It can still, I believe, act as a plain old USB MIDI controller, sans Live, if you’d like).

Most of the new features also work on Push 1 (as I confirmed this morning), with very few exceptions, and Ableton seem keen to continue developing for Push 1 where possible. Essentially, it’s a sensibly rejigged layout of the P1, with That Screen.

Although: P2 is made by Ableton themselves - compared to P1, which was a collaboration with Akai. For me, that’s the most interesting thing - a software company really doubling down on becoming a hardware company too.


cool, that is fascinating and it looks like a wildly successful debut effort

i want it because it looks so darn good whether i need it or not


Yes. This thing is mostly the antithesis to how I work and all I can say is “want”… I usually get over it in a few days.


I’m a push 2 owner, also owned a push 1. I think the build quality is very good; it’s a nice piece of gear. The improved screen on the 2 is also great.

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+1 I also owned a Push 1 before, I was happy with it but I took the opportunity to upgrade thanks to the “trade-in” program offered by Ableton last year. Yes, the build quality is very good and I really appreciate the big, bright screen on this device. - - What is this ““push2display” cpu problem” that you mentioned ? Is it related to Max ? I never experienced any particular problem with Push 2 Edit: oh sorry, now I see what’s the problem with Push2Display… 17% CPU :open_mouth:

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Sorry, I was editing my post when you replied :slight_smile: I’m using an iMac from 2012 with 3,4 GHz Intel Core i7 and 8GB of RAM and the latest Ableton beta. The CPU usage of Push2Display seems to stay around 17% but that seems to be much indeed, just for one device…

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Whoa, blown away over here.:ok_hand:

Really big, though.

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