Ableton's Loop 2016

Anyone else going to Ableton’s Loop conference in November?

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Yes I want to attend this loop, but I am not sure if this is worth it.

I’m going, I was there last year and love the experience.

Agree with mheton, I had doubts about the programme, but I love Berlin, so it’s just a good excuse to go.

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I’ll be there for the weekend part. Not 100% sure about Friday yet, as I’m speaking at the Roli/JUCE Audio Developers Conference that Thursday, and haven’t yet figured out when I’m heading back to Berlin after that.

Let’s make sure to meet up!

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Yup. I’m attending! First time in Berlin, actually.

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First time in Berlin for me, too! Just made my AirBnB reservations, and getting excited.


Went last year and was amazing! Found this years line up to be less though and decided to keep my money (want a cocoquantus badly) with the raised price.

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I should be there. Need to sort accomodation and flights out, but I have a ticket.

About to take off for Zurich - then Berlin on Friday very early AM. Hope we can all meet up: I’m easy to spot - I look like my picture!


Hi all - I’ve already bumped into @mzero, primarily because he really does look like his picture. How is everyone else’s Loop?

Hi, I’m also at Loop!

I think if bumped into you @mzero, but I wasn’t sure (and a bit too shy to ask perhaps).

Don’t be shy! If I look my picture here (without the hat) - then it’s me!

Having a great time so far, and have also bumped into @mzero :slight_smile:

If you see me today, definitely say hi. I’ve got a black/purple plaid shirt, red hair, and an Aquarius Records “New wave music is our specialty” tote bag

damnit, I’m sorry I missed this - was keeping an eye out after a mutual friend suggested we say hello! About in Berlin for another day or two, though. Glad you had a good Loop.

I had a great time. Sorry not to meet any of you. Suzanne Ciani’s short performance (in what must have been quad and in that great sounding room) was a highlight for me today. The Gudrun Gut “Invisible Jukebox” was really interesting, The talk and screening with Sandunes from Bombay… and then as mentioned on another thread, Deantoni Parks’ performance was fantastic.


Oh whoa, I didn’t have the slightest idea that these two dots were connected!

Hey guys, I reched this thread to late.It would have been great to meet some fellow monome guys, but maybe next time. Or better… a monome event in Europe …
Anyway, all the best to you

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